No Surrender In Knicks & Warriors, Anthony Davis' Head Injury, All-NBA Snubs & Implications

On Thu.’s No Dunks, the guys discuss the Knicks and Warriors staving off elimination, Anthony Davis’ head injury, Jalen Brunson’s excellent Jimmy Butler impersonation, why an aggressive Draymond Green unlocks everything, the All-NBA Teams, and JJ Redick interviewing for the Toronto Raptors’ coaching job. That, plus Noggin’ Boss big hats, Tommy Bahamas restaurants, and creepy bugs.

0:17 Cold Open
0:28 Show starts
3:03 Warriors defeat Lakers in Game 5 to stave off elimination
7:11 Anthony Davis injury
14:14 Jalen Brunson scores 38 points, Knicks beat Heat 112-103 in Game 5
23:33 Big Hat talk – Noggin Boss
28:55-32:58 *Ads*
33:58 2022-2023 All-NBA Teams announced β€” surprises and snubs
42:35 Report: JJ Redick interviews for Raptors’ coaching job
49:54-52:26 *Ads*
52:27 Tweet of the Night β€” Tommy Bahama

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24 Replies to “No Surrender In Knicks & Warriors, Anthony Davis' Head Injury, All-NBA Snubs & Implications”

  1. Nikkie Paule says:

    Say it again warriors in what??? Unfollowed🀭

  2. Never thought I’d see a Miles Bon appearance on a No Dunks pod (chocolate croissant guy lmao)

  3. GP2 is taking poole's minutes because neither of them can hit a three so which one do you want defending for you?

  4. "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." *Ralph Nader

  5. This sun's team is the same thing every year. Always have a cp3 injury and get beaten by a team that works harder and has bench contributions. And they always get blown out at home to lose the series. They need to get rid of ayton for some depth pieces or this team will have the same result next season

  6. What better way for JJ to get information about how the job interviews are going at Toronto? About the Raptors' expectations, goals etc. Real undercover journalism

  7. Bot Teodoro says:

    Im part of the new 69K subs because I miss you guys, best group talking about the NBA.

  8. Trey Santana says:

    Warriors fans putting their faith in a dog has got to be the most down bad thing ever. πŸ˜‚

  9. Q-J Hoops says:

    Everyone keep talking about AD and what he's done, needs to do or hasn't done. When are we going to talk about Lebron carrying his weight too?? He's been mid this entire series.

  10. Rodney Aug says:

    Trey SGA was 31 5 and 5 on a play in team that would have been playing for wemby without him! He earned first team!

  11. K Ross says:

    A Black Guy ON NO Dunks!!!πŸ€“πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

  12. Liam Garnaut says:

    Skeets: YOU EVER SEE SIGNS!?

  13. I'd love Becky Hammon coaching the Spurs when Pop retires

  14. Costco is selling Tommy Bahama solar-powered landscaping lights. They are really trying to cash out on that branding I guess

  15. The wheelchair part reminded me so much of Paul Peirce shitting himself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ glad AD is okay though, the wheelchair was too much lol

  16. DomoSenju __ says:

    Y’all so happy the warriors won 🀣

  17. Marko Btw says:

    SGA on the first team was the LEAST surprising thing!

  18. KSFCS says:

    Tas my man. Leafs fan here. We wanted them to lose because they have shown they can't win in the big moments for the last 7 years. So we know it's going to end, and they are going to blow the team up. Why bother waiting a couple more days to get that going. No rioting, that team has just broken most of us lol

  19. Lakers fans going to turn into Michael Vick if that corgi ends up right

  20. Letsgo Warriors. CORGI SUPREMACY

  21. sandertan says:



  22. sandertan says:

    2 months of being sad about the chances of a NO CHAINS disc golf podcast πŸ™

  23. mike murphy says:

    I'm 28 and have been a fan of this team for over 15 years. That Quentin Grimes 1 legged steal on butler may be my favorite play by a knick ever lol.

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