Golf tip of the day

26 Replies to “Golf tip of the day”

  1. 😂 bump and run with a 5 iron. SEND IT 🗣️

  2. Only you would do that

  3. TNort 23 says:

    Any tips on how to fix divots 🤣

  4. Does your dad own that course or something?

  5. MrExpert436 says:

    Yes let’s put a divot in the aproach

  6. Brock Brown says:

    “Sit sit sit”

  7. Ben Almberg says:

    gonna use this at the next putt putt match with that jerk down the block.

  8. Tried this at the mini golf. My game has never been better!!! Thanks.

  9. Good tip, I’d take the flag out though, might affect the bump and run flight

  10. pc64 says:

    Wow that’s awful

  11. BuggyBoy613 says:

    Ummm are we going to sleep on how he just absolutely piped a five iron!?

  12. D N says:

    At some point in the game I'd rather relieve my stress like that than contribute anymore strokes into my scorecard. 😡

  13. Cory says:


  14. It’s better on the hole before that one… the cliff has a good “U” shape and you can run the balls around it and back towards the green

  15. HAVE A LAUGH says:

    Nah…for maximum evacuation always bump and rub your wood instead

  16. Darren Morse says:

    Fix that divot or you will six putt from 3 ft next round 😅

  17. Chad Plzak says:

    This guy so funny n his golfing buddies adorable too

  18. Marc Coletta says:

    HAaHaaaaa, literally laughed out loud.

  19. GatorGuySix says:

    Sounds like a damn rifle. May want to register your 5 iron😂

  20. kc says:

    I usually use a tee for that type of shot, helps to clear the flag😮

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