The Dodgers Are Nailing the Trade Deadline

UFC/Golf Weekend 0:00-4:16
Kiké Hernandez 4:17-6:30
Joe Kelly 6:31-9:31
Lance Lynn 9:32-11:42
Amed Rosario 11:42-14:02
Walker’s Recovery 14:03-15:13
Rentals Staying Put 15:14-25:24

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10 Replies to “The Dodgers Are Nailing the Trade Deadline”

  1. Dodgers shop at pick a part

  2. Friedman will fail once again. He’s good at helping a team getting to the playoff but never to win it all. Still has that Tampa Bay poor team management mentality.

  3. Andrew Bees says:

    They not only need a ace type arm but they need a big bat. Luis Robert and Dylan cease. Yes it’ll cost you but sometimes you just have to do it. The dodgers would also have those guys for at least one more year each. I think if the dodgers called the Sox and offered Sheehan and Busch for cease they take that in a heartbeat. Only issue is I don’t think Friedman makes that deal. But once again. You have to give to get. Add rushing and pepiot to the deal and I’m pretty sure they’d throw in Luis Robert .. is that a hefty price in prospects yes but once again. You have to give to get. The dodgers currently have 9 top 100 prospects. They can trade 4 and still have more than most organizations in baseball. And they seem to develop at least 3 per year so they’ll be fine.

    Once again sometimes you have to give to get. You literally have 2 HOF in their prime on your team and they aren’t getting younger . Freddie is 33 and Mookie is 31

    They both have more control than I thought so honestly you’d probably have to replace rushing with cartaya and add more depth type prospects around those 4 top 100 guys you’d be giving up but honestly still worth it. This is a multi year investment for proven commodities

  4. Andrew Bees says:

    By trading for all the worst players in baseball? Friedman has yet to make one move that shows he’s serious about competing in 2023. So far all the moves he’s made shows he has no confidence in this group to invest in. But they in first place and a team with with so many clear holes he can’t not do anything so he makes a few low risk moves for trash players. To shut the fan base up and say “ we did something “

  5. Mr1stcat says:

    Walker please 😊🙏 heal up properly we need you back SO BADLY on the Dodgers 💙

  6. Id love to see a verlander trade but honestly i dont think the key for us is trading, its urias getting his game back on track and gonsolin getting at least a little better! Without that, the struggle will continue!

  7. If Friedman manages to get Verlander or E Rod than it would be a good deadline. Getting a proven guy like Verlander makes the Lynn deal look better. Lynn has some metrics and potential to be a good pickup but its all projection and wishful thinking right now. We will see if the dodgers can fix him. Would be nice to aquire Verlander and at least one more reliever. Soley relying on Lynn to realize his potential and put it together is very risky. Which is why adding Verlander is a must

  8. StacyJames says:

    Hahaha. Nailed to the cross maybe. Dodgers have dumpster dived to accumulate 4-5 guys having their worst seasons ever. 😂😂😂

  9. Hell no man we're not nailing the trade deadline weve accumulated so many negative war players. If the deadline ended right now this would be utter failure by Friedman.

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