Golf What's In The Bag 2021 – D1 College Golfer UC Davis

In this Golf What’s In The Bag 2021 video, we have Shane Muldowney who plays for D1 college golf team UC Davis, who’s been working with Porzak golf for 5 years. Grab 3 private Videos To Gain Distance Now –​​​

In this what’s in the bag video, Shane M takes you through his golf bag and shows you what golf clubs he plays in his witb video 2021. Shane is a D1 college golfer and shows you what clubs a college golfer plays. All golf what’s in the bags are different for each player which is why it makes them interesting. To see what golf clubs, golf shafts, golf irons, golf wedges and golf driver good golfer put in their golf bag. This D1 witb 2021 is a simple and great look at Shane’s golf clubs. He playes Volkey wedges, Titleist irons, Titleist woods, and a scotty cameron putter. Share this what’s in the bag video with your friends. We are also in the process of building a what’s in the bag playlist as well. Golf is a great game that allows a lot of variety in the golf clubs we play, all college golfers have something different. Porzak golf looks forward to uploading more witb 2021 videos soon!

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12 Replies to “Golf What's In The Bag 2021 – D1 College Golfer UC Davis”

  1. Porzak Golf says:

    Should we make WITB vids a regular thing? Grab 3 private Videos –​​​

  2. Nephesh R says:

    jeez what a great swing this guy has

  3. Todd Sincock says:

    good stuff right there! Porzak rules.

  4. Joey Dai says:

    Where can alumni get that putter headcover?!

  5. Kyle Linsey says:

    that 2 iron stinger is nasty

  6. Hammy says:

    Really nice vid dude! Relaxed and easy to follow all the way through. Also nice that you have some small tips in there aswell and explaining:) for sure got my sub, looking forward to some course videos!!

  7. Matt Petroff says:

    Geezus what a beautiful smooth swing.

  8. Are you the guy from movement towards improvement? Not the golfer but the interviewer

  9. James PSY says:

    Love that driving iron. Similar setup to mine but with a Callaway head. For ME its the most important club in my bag other than the wedges and Driver obviously. That club eases a lot of anxiety when things are just not going your way off the tee.

  10. What a swing, got easy power. Great vid.

  11. Great editing Gabe – from Gabe;)

  12. Pure swing and good video

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