Round 1 Highlights, MPO | 2023 Ledgestone Open

Enjoy Round 1 highlights from the MPO broadcast at the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open presented by Merrell!

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Please keep in mind these are condensed highlights from the live broadcast and not meant to be full shot-by-shot coverage of any particular group. For shot-by-shot coverage, head to our partners at Jomez Productions, Gatekeeper Media, and Ace Run Pro.

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28 Replies to “Round 1 Highlights, MPO | 2023 Ledgestone Open”

  1. Full live coverage of the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open presented by Merrell is available on Disc Golf Network, subscribe today ->

  2. Sam Grey says:

    Philo – great commentary!

  3. attrix09 says:

    Philo is the best commentator in the game. He's a treasure.

  4. In March, my family and I went to California for vacation. Staying at Oceanside, I got away and took a trip to San Diego and landed at Morely where I walked onto the tee with Ian Anderson and I believe, Ruben, waiting and allowing me to join their card. I proceeded to have one of the best and most theraputic disc golf rounds of my life. Special, special round. Great vibes. Great people. Thanks for allowing a middle-aged Chicagoan to play on that card. I'm very, very bad, but everything was ok that day thanks to these guys.

  5. No footage of Nikko's ace on 10, bummer. Can't catch em all

  6. John Hofer says:

    I love Philo, but I hate how he says "Ool-abarri." The man pronounces his own name as "Yool-abarri."

  7. you can see and hear the growth in philos commentary. a great person to have behind the 🎤

  8. Love philo on the 🎤

  9. Levi says:

    Philo !!!! Great commentary gentlemen!

  10. supertuber59 says:

    Beautiful …. beautiful …. beautiful …. beautiful [ Sam Jackson voice] SAY BEAUTIFUL ONE MORE G>D TIME !!

  11. Remember sundays forecast is major storms all day so plan on only seeing 3 rounds I'm betting!

  12. Oliver clark says:

    Shoutout to Nikko locastro and Justin risks for both hitting aces

  13. 98kouki123 says:

    Love philo as a commentator. He’s got so much love for the game

  14. G E N T L E says:

    Excellent highlights! Good commentary, lots of clips, lots of players. 🙌🏼

  15. Phirom Thach says:

    I hope Ezra wins. He's so funny and underrated.

  16. It’s too bad they couldn’t include footage of Ezra Aderhold’s ace on number 12. It’s pretty amazing!

  17. iLLWiTHiT. says:

    Let's Go Ricky!!!! 4-Peat baby!!!

  18. Russell M says:

    What’s the deal with no extended leader card? On both MPO and FPO highlights

  19. Big A says:

    Great highlight reel. Loved seeing Uli on a feature card.

  20. God I wish Philo and Ian would get replaced.

  21. Rock Searle says:

    Excellent piece! Thanks!

  22. Imagine living across the street from this course…. They have no idea what they have.

  23. Andrew says:

    Yawn. Why is this course stagnant when the pros are getting better every year? Hole 9 looks harder (and better) but what other changes were made?

  24. Nico Doorn says:

    Great to see Uli on coverage for his play.

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