Golfing with Gen: A Week on Tour with Me in Taiwan

21 Replies to “Golfing with Gen: A Week on Tour with Me in Taiwan”

  1. Edmund Khoo says:

    love the video, never easy being a pro traveling abroad.

  2. Tim Brennan says:

    Great playing! Nature is really loud in Taiwan 🤣

  3. Great video, short and snappy. Loved your look on the third day in purple. Beautiful 💕

  4. Finn OBrien says:

    Did you make enough prize money to cover all of your expenses?

  5. John Hernan says:

    Great week Gen! keep up the good work.

  6. Clement Wong says:

    Haha really nice of you to share this little vlog with us! Keep smiling, keep playing well, good luck for your upcoming events!

  7. Cool, nice result! My wife and I twice spend one month in Taipei at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital as summer school course when we were at university. Brings back so many memories to see your vlog ! Such nice and helpful people and the food is awesome! I didn't catch on with hot pot though….

  8. Tanuki says:

    Thank you for finding time to do this – I can’t imagine how challenging it must be to play professionally and try to do any vlogging at all. Great seeing some good results from you recently – keep up the grind and best of luck!

  9. Hi Gen,
    Congrats on your 14th finish at Royal Kuanxi, I played my first every comp there when I was 13, I was super nervous 😅. I have a YouTube channel on golf too, I just posted my 600th video.
    600 videos!! Course Vlog at Quirky Epsom GC – Scramble (Part 1) (600)

  10. Well done ! Love these insights! 👍🙏

  11. 6300 on a very soft SE Asia golf course is long! At home my drive can run out to as much as 295 in the summer. In Asia I carry it 235 and it goes 235! I don't think you are playing short courses Gen, they play miles longer than Europe.
    Best of luck with the Tour. Hope you are high on the money list at the end of the year. Simon

  12. Welcome to Taiwan, well played at Royal Guanxi, it is a nice course but greens in Taiwan are super slow and grainy. We had a team scramble there in April which got rained out but the make up week in May was lovely – our team shot -11 so good memories.

  13. a big fan from Taiwan. Hope to see you play next time you are over here

  14. Doug Cook says:

    Very impressive finish to the tournament! Keep it going, I'm cheering hard for you.

  15. Have a blessed weekend and safe travels!!!

  16. Sometimes happy sometimes funny sometimes sad. Episodes that share you tour life are emotional and real. Jin Young Ko used to be my favorite golfer, now you are.

  17. Never give up your dream Gen

  18. Harold Balls says:

    Congratulations! You are so down to earth, respectful and appreciative. I wish you more success going forward.

  19. Thanks for sharing Gen. Keep stretching yourself👍🏻

  20. J. Cesar. says:

    Golf course looks amazing

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