The GREATEST 2v2 on My Channel Yet!

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48 Replies to “The GREATEST 2v2 on My Channel Yet!”

  1. Wesley just made the cut on the PGA Tour! Let’s goo

  2. Anyone else tired of watching Micah rage out over dumb stuff?

  3. Wow! Thought yall had em.

  4. josh hayes says:

    Tig should try a Good Good putter lol

  5. Steve says:

    Grant, you and Tig against the Bryant Bros. 2v2 is the best golf on YT. Need more of this!

  6. “One of the thiccest moments on your channel” 😂

  7. chancy dacus says:

    Love the Bryan bros bickering reminds me of me and my brother unfortunately we lost him in May

  8. Ben Pyeatt says:

    Always watching till the bitter end G. You'll get em next time

  9. chancy dacus says:

    Wesley needs to make a wedge titorial

  10. Randy Ihara says:

    Grant and Micah scramble vs Bryan bros best ball?

  11. Ben Pyeatt says:

    Grant pushing the "who's fault was that" game was some great gamesmanship, LOL!

  12. Mr. Pip says:

    My favorite foursome online.

  13. Micah thinking hes even close to either Bryan brother is COMICAL

  14. Bryan Bro’s All The WAY !!! 😂

  15. Ryan Lort says:

    Where are these guys playing? That 1st tee said 640 yards and they were only 277 out. I hit my driver with 175mph ball speed and in florida that still wont go more than 300. They must be playing very dry conditions to be hitting it over 350.

  16. Wesley 's chirping is top notch

  17. Ryan Probert says:

    8.68 seconds of hang time, Grant. You're welcome.

  18. gavin harvey says:

    Grants like an excitable teenage girl that has had her first sip of a fizzy wine

  19. Dale S says:

    Micah “Tig Fabio” Morris.

  20. Grants voice after a while gets kinda annoying

  21. Kevin says:

    Grant collabing with Manscaped was unexpected

  22. Zach L says:

    these boys are on fire!

  23. Ethan Burns says:

    micah got made af 😮

  24. Chris Hudz says:

    The Dr Phil mind games by Grant is on point!

  25. Marc Rover says:

    if you look at most high level driver swings, there is a rigidness in their shoulders.
    Wesley, however, has a lot more fluidity.

  26. rictic1 says:

    The difference between golfers and Pros is always the putter.

  27. icyycat says:

    Micah should’ve shouted out garret when he said “I have 54” he could’ve been like cause im trying to shove it in the door shout out garret lmao

  28. B.D. Scott says:

    I Don't know why none of yall don't want to challenge me 🎉🎉😂😂😂. Came to sea island and played J Byrd but not me the Brunswick Country club G…. Grant call me playya

  29. Jay Williams says:

    Great content as always with you guys

  30. chippa says:

    Love Micah’s channel, love grants channel and still watch good good but garret annoys me 😂 lol

  31. Wesleys blame game throughout the Vid blaming George for his mishap shots was Hilarious😂and Grant playin Doctor Phil😂😂

  32. Tommy Nyberg says:

    Wesley, George and Grant-collab? Instant like!

  33. Best content with these four

  34. K A says:

    “I would say, fairly comparable…”

    Wesley just can’t bring himself to fully compliment george! ; )

  35. U should take on 6 of gg with ur boys show the a gd match

  36. The Bryan brothers are the best two-man scramble team on YouTube. Forcing a playoff with them is a major achievement.

  37. Stinks knowing there was only 1 min left when the losing team was putting. Dang it boys you had that putt. !

  38. Matt S says:

    Such a great vid, your dr Phil had me in stitches 😅

  39. This is by at the best content right now

  40. natalie suda says:

    Wheeww, great game, cheers'

  41. Larkin Tommi says:

    Probably the worst shaving ad ever lol

  42. Drouse says:

    I love the family friendly content, but I caught myself not fast forwarding through the ads quick enough.
    Definitely the FIRST time I’ve ever seen, “Manscaped” marketed as beard trimmer! 😂 nuts aren’t allowed to be mentioned!! 😂😂
    I’m not worried about, “nicking” my face with a trimmer! 😂

  43. Oliver Smith says:

    I’m sorry but all you guys do is play each other and then out it on one another’s channels. You need to get more creative as it’s just becoming boring.

  44. Alex Pawluk says:

    Grant hates on Wesley but is absolutely astonished by George lol

  45. Iversonwings says:

    This content is so much better than Good Good nowadays.

  46. Loved the Dr. Grant segment between brothers.

  47. VOLS34 says:

    How did Wesley win at harbor town driving like this?

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