Golf's Greatest Accomplishment || Breaking Your Age

This is the story of Mike Barber and the greatest accomplishment in golf, Breaking your age.

The U.S. Open Golf Championship is one of the most historic championships in the history of the game of golf. There are a 122 proud and deserving chamions names on that trophy, not many. However, there is one person who has accomplished more than anyone in the world, including the 122 US open champions. The trophy for this incredibly amazing accomplishment took almost a decade to earn, and only has one name inscribed upon it.”

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18 Replies to “Golf's Greatest Accomplishment || Breaking Your Age”

  1. That's what it's all about. Great stuff 👍

  2. Toddapc1 says:

    This is GOLD Adam. A one of a kind golf hero. What a man and what an inspiration to us All!

  3. Greg Morris says:

    Thanks for sharing!! When you do something for love of it – comes straight through.

  4. Andrew You says:

    My god he looks good for his age, before clicking on the video i was expecting him to be around late 60 or early 70 years old.

  5. Monica Iler says:

    Fantastic Interview Adam!

  6. Jamie Condie says:

    Mike, Absolutely amazing, I will have to live to 110 to shoot my age. Cheers Jamie

  7. WillyJames says:

    Wonderful accomplishment Mike. Looking forward to seeing you at Summit again soon.

  8. Gain Bear says:

    How great is this!

  9. Mr. Bi says:

    Wow… What an inspiration! Could I actually fluke a good round and hit a 69? I'm newly motivated. Thanks Mike and Adam. ❤

  10. 5bLucky says:

    Way to go Mike!!!

  11. An amazing accomplishment and a fantastic interview. Well done

  12. djlaz8 says:

    What a great documentary interview. Very inspiring.

  13. Joyce Berzle says:

    Awesome Mike!! Congrats!

  14. Unbelievable… what an accomplishment!

  15. Jack Hunt says:

    Two very classy gentlemen.

  16. W C says:

    Great for him! 💪

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