Goodwill Bins: Digging Through Trash to Find the Cash

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49 Replies to “Goodwill Bins: Digging Through Trash to Find the Cash”

  1. Just wanted to thank you guys for the support on whatnot again. The show went great. Many of the higher value items went for a little less than market value (ping putters sold for like $30, swatch bag sold for $45, some Nike shoes sold for $10) but we had a lot of support with the smaller items. All funkos sold for around $15 on average. All hot wheels sold for at least $8. Several of our funko keychains sold for over $20, so all those small sales really added up and made this possible. Thank you again!

  2. Rob says:

    $293.74 actually haha

  3. Hi. Please wear gloves when you search the bins. There can be salmonella, Ecoli etc from body waste💕

  4. Brian Henry says:

    Recent eBay Glitches: went to create some Sell Similar drafts yesterday, as I was Searching Comps on my phone. Drafts were created, but I noticed a Listing fee amount at the bottom of all the drafts. Odd, since I haven’t hit my store subscription listing limits, so I created the same drafts, from the same active listings on my Laptop. Guess what, I got Free to List on the laptop versions. Seen this one yet, glitching on Smart Phones.

    Second odd thing today. My spouse was running sales and saw “Paused” active listings. I’ve seen Draft listings, Active listings and listings in the Unsold category. But I’ve never seen Paused listings. She was able to toggle the status back to Active, with the push of a button. Know anything about “Paused” listings? Paused sounds like another way to hurt sales, if Paused listings are not sellable to searching buyers and Sellers believe their items are Active, when they are not.

  5. I love the SpongeBob shoes you got a month ago the Video

  6. If you don’t remember, I’m your video the SpongeBob shoes I love those

  7. Wish we had something like Goodwill in Germany. 🙁

  8. I'm screaming! You missed the rockstud heels 4:14! They go for a lot. Even if they weren't real you can sell them for $100 aud.

  9. Jeremy Lee says:

    What state are these goodwill bins located in. I live near Scranton Pennsylvania and our goodwill stores are just clothes on the rack

  10. Honest question; are you guys making a living wage from thrifting or is youtube what's keeping food on the table?

  11. 90s grunge patchwork

  12. SirLambert says:

    Stub out behind the toilet is WAYYYY too long.

  13. Cool series. If Drywall was started on the wall with the window first it would have pushed the piece you did hang over 1/2 inch. Don't blame you for hiring out the drywall work though, one of my least favorite parts of renovating a room or rooms. Keep up the good work.

  14. Susan McAvoy says:

    How do you spell your dog’s name

  15. Ollie says:

    My mom got excited you grabbed the Winnie The Pooh stuffies. She LOVES Winnie The Pooh ❤

  16. Josh start with full sheets of drywall on the bottom. That way, when it comes to hanging the top, u have something to help prop up the top drywall

  17. BKG 98 says:

    No insulation??

  18. What is the best method on shipping stuffed animals and hats

  19. Personally you could just cut the dry wall off before the stud you missed and hang another piece next to it . Then use the part you cut out somewhere else

  20. Maria Marlow says:

    Haley you have a great eye, you just no what your looking for, remember the days when you wouldn't use a GoPro. Your personality is beautiful your so genuine. Josh your now a man with many trades starting with 20 dollars it's amazing how your far you've come with you working together. Your are both an inspiration to all your followers. Mx

  21. Literally this is my favorite series of content!! Love you guys keep up the amazing hard work

  22. Your videos content always awesome the why you are my favorite duo resellers on YouTube

  23. great job toilet install, impressive

  24. nakiamack says:

    Wish my bins looked this good!

  25. You guys definitely need your own show on hgtv 😊

  26. Rain Simkins says:

    Can you imagine a time when there was no YouTube to watch how to do things? My Husband is a jack-of-all trades because over the years of our marriage he had to figure it out on his own. Recently he had to do something on his jeep and couldn't figure it out and I suggested YouTube. He's a convert.

  27. Kira Maria says:

    Hey this is onestrashanotherstreasure ❤ keep doing awesome videos

  28. Dan Hunt says:

    Are you not gonna put some insulation in between the cavitys before you put the dry wall up?? Seems like each room isn't going to be soundproofed very well..

  29. Dan Hunt says:

    500 bucks for installing a shower head…jees need to start plumbing and drop out of law school 😅

  30. John says:

    Where is this goodwill bins located? I am fairly new to the Lexington, SC area and would love to visit a goodwill bins.

  31. Mark Nestico says:

    My dream is that you run out of money, find a free give away on Facebook, flip it, and go nova again afterwards. I mean this in the most encouraging way possible.

  32. Old Cheeto says:

    did you gain 50lbs

  33. I love the $20 reno budget idea for the rental…good job!!!

  34. I would trim the water valve pipe back near the wall so it's not dangling and vulnerable.

  35. Josh: I have $2200.
    Contractor: Your bill will be $2500.
    Josh: I have stuff to sell.
    Contractor: Your payment is due in 3 days.
    Josh: I like to live dangerously.


  36. WHIPLASH73 says:

    problem I have is I get 0 views on my ebay listings. can you tell me what to do to get more views? my title and item specifics are good and price is low. new account on ebay so maybe that is the problem?

  37. That toilet is really bad that you guys bought lol. Yeah it can flush 79 billiard balls but it can’t flush normal toilet paper. I’m a plumber don’t buy any other type of toilet other then Gerber or Kohler. It’s worth the money. Don’t buy glacier bay. Those toilets are absolutely junk.

  38. dechinta says:

    Impressive plumbing work! You do plumbng in Alabama? I need a plumber. LOL I've been doing my own plumbing and I have a feeling I"m going to have to call a real plumber before long.

  39. Lola Seymour says:

    Why didn't you paint the wall behind the toilet before installation?

  40. Gord John says:

    I've been following your house renovation videos (as well as all of your other videos that I come across) and I think that is a wonderful idea you had about starting out with only $20.00. Only you and Hayley would have thought of something like that. 🙂 It never ceases to amaze me how much money those stuffed toys (plushes as you call them) sell for. They will be so easy to ship, just stuff them in a box and not have to worry about them getting broken. Keep up the good work as we enjoy every video you have. Say 'HI' to Mose as he is so special.

  41. I would wear gloves at the bins with all the mystery stains😳

  42. Paul Mannino says:

    I feel like saying, “Catch you on the flippity flip” makes so much more sense in this series.

  43. Great Job! You guys are doing awesome, I just looked at your views from 17 hrs ago and you are at 40k, that is amazing! Keep up the good work with the rental property, coming along beautifully.

  44. Pp Shale says:

    Josh and Hayley! Thanks for taking us along!!! I appreciate you both so much!!! Stay safe stay great and keep up the good work !!!

  45. D Ryberg says:

    Great video! Haley, please speak more loudly when you’re filming at the bins. Sometimes the background noise drowns out your comments. Thanks!

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