STOP Making These Putting Mistakes! (WE’RE BEGGING YOU!)

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If you are keen to save yourself at least 3 strokes per round on the putting greens INSTANTLY, then you will want to watch this putting video. We highlight the 3 most common mistakes we see on the golf course every single day. The great thing for you, is that you can FIX THESE 3 MISTAKES immediately and save at least 3 strokes on the greens! These processes are easy to implement and will have an instant effect on the quality of your putting.

The first mistake nearly all golfers make is how they approach their GREEN READING. Nearly every golfer in the world reads putts from behind the ball. From here, players believe they can decipher all of the green’s nuances and hidden borrows. There’s nothing wrong with surveying a green from behind the putt but it should be the final part of your routine, not the first.

It’s much more important to read the speed of a putt, than it is to read the line. You do this better from the low side of a putt, not from behind the ball. From the low side (left side on a right-to-left breaking putt) you can build a much higher quality overall picture of the putt in your mind. You can see any sections which are uphill or downhill and this ‘3D’ image helps you actually read the line of the putt better.

Distance control is seemingly very challenging for many and this often comes down to poor tempo. Typically, players attempt to judge speed by adjusting the power output, hitting downhill putts softer and uphill putts harder. Sounds sensible, however, in reality, this is very difficult to judge accurately, because the putter is either decelerating or accelerating. These are both variables, which can lead to poor distance control because the tempo is so inconsistent.

A more repeatable method of JUDGING SPEED is to adjust the length of the putting stroke accordingly. We want to achieve constant speed through impact, thus giving us some margin of error. We manage this by matching the length of the backswing and throughswing, so they are the same length. This is how the great putters manage their tempo, players like Tiger Woods, Cameron Smith and Jordan Spieth. Next time you see these players on tv, watch how even they are with their strokes, back and through. Simply adjust the length of stroke depending upon the length and speed of the putt. On fast, downhill putts, the putting stroke should be quite short. On uphill and longer putts, the swing should ideally be considerably longer.

The third aspect to putting involves COMMITMENT! This is an area of concern for so many golfers and we have a simple process, which can really help you improve the level of commitment you make to your putts and increase your confidence on the greens. Quite simply – you need to STICK YOUR FINISH! Some of the throughswings we see employed by club golfers are extremely poor and lack commitment. Examples are waving the putter about after impact, quitting on the putt and the most common – the recoil. This is when the player immediately drags the putter back after the stroke in a classic example of high anxiety. If you can improve this process of sticking your finish for at least a couple of seconds, you can improve the stability of your putting stroke, develop much more consistency over your distance control and ultimately increase confidence in your putting.

0:00 – Save 3 strokes on the greens
1:02 – Reading putts – speed 1st
2:11 – Judging speed – tempo
3:12 – Commitment
4:22 – Red Belly Active Offer

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5 Replies to “STOP Making These Putting Mistakes! (WE’RE BEGGING YOU!)”

  1. Alan Goudie says:

    Excellent, very helpful putting tips. Your PDF training guides are very useful & avoid a lot of unnecessary waffle.
    Thank you for your advice.

  2. Wayne Walker says:

    Awesome and simple mate, especially holding your stroke which I don’t do. Can’t wait to get out there and practice it.

  3. OzCats says:

    Hey Glen and Steve.
    Great Informative Video.

  4. Great tips. Thanks Glen.

  5. Excellent tips Glen on the three necessaries in putting to save three strokes a round! The golf course is a hilly course and in so being, there are a lot of breaking putts. If you have a breaking putt with a sloping green, this is an extremely difficult scenario. One could have a longer putt back uphill then the original putt was. Even 18" putts are not safe. So, your three recommendations are very relevant to this situation. Good Job Glen! Keep up the good work.

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