Have Red Bull 'BROKEN' Checo?! | MID-SEASON review! | Sky Sports F1 Podcast

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Matt Baker is joined this week by Sky Sports’ very own David Croft and Karun Chandhok plus motorsport presenter and content creator Toni Cowan-Brown for a mid-season review as we hit F1’s summer break. #f1

(00:00) – Intro
(11.08) – The biggest concern for Red Bull is they have broken two trophies in two races.
(11.48) – The panel debate whether Red Bull’s Sergio Perez should accept the role as second driver behind Max Verstappen…
(35.37) – Is the cost cap costing F1 attracting the top personnel?
(55.49) – Karun believes McLaren have had the best mid-season comeback since Jordan in 1998.

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42 Replies to “Have Red Bull 'BROKEN' Checo?! | MID-SEASON review! | Sky Sports F1 Podcast”

  1. Phantom096 says:

    Checo is not broken that man Never Gives Up.

    Besides a monumental achievement would be for RBR to produce the first Mexican F1 Champion.

  2. 94k views for such a dry season, surely AI is at work here?

  3. How come no one puts into the equation that Max has a very different driving style to almost every other driver in Formula 1?? (Maybe with the exception of Ricciardo). Gasly couldn't figure it out, then Albon, and now Checo. Yes, Max is a great driver.. Yes, I think Max is faster than Checo. But if Red Bull wants to win everything with Verstappen, and they make sure he gets a car that is almost completely built to his liking, then of course the other driver is going to struggle, simply because they cannot extract everything from it. What happened in the first 4 races when the characteristics of the car were more balanced between Max and Checo?… they splitted wins! But then Max got furious and said that he didn't came to Red Bull to finish second, and from then on the development of the car started to go away from Perez.. he said that himself, that from Barcelona onwards he felt the car was not the same. And I am not saying Checo is not to blame for his mistakes, of course he is.. But if a driver does not feel confortable with his car, he is going to try to over compensate with his driving and that is when mistakes will start to happen.

  4. I see the picture and comments that Max is winning, but also you need to agree that Checo is going against RB organization and that all the HR and knowledge is on the other side of his garage. It does not matter who you put vs Max the 2nd garage will always suffer. Max is a RB project and I don’t think they want to change that… F1 has a champion with no passion.

  5. This is what is really frustrating about sky Sports and some other media outlets, what they say is parsdoxical: max is the greatest most natural driver, jet he improves at his craft because he races 24/7.
    Max is bored and want a better number two, whilest max always says he races himself he wants to be a close to perfect as he can be because then he is satisfied. Where in that sentence does he mention checo or any other second driver and this means he is never bored because as he says you can never be perfect. He wants to win every race get every point. Stop pushing the narrative that max is bored and wants opposition in side Red Bull that is what the fans want not max. Max wants opposition from other teams so he can battle them and if there is than he wants een good second driver that can pick up points consistently behind him and that is the same thing Red Bull want. The don't want another Vettel and Webber or max en Daniël at the end of his stint at Red Bull, Daniël comes back he will be second and he can't challenge max for by saying i want to be world champion because he does not have the resume like max. Lastly when have you seen a second driver cause so much gossip by saying he wants the same opportunities and material, like he does not get it. Or that he and the team need to figure out how to be consistent en quick, the team knows this be like max put your head down and really work and push. Even his sponsors are saying max can't make such a difference something has to be wrong, the aura around checo is absurd and wrong stirring the pot like this without any facts or actual claims to support this. If this goes on max will need an extra security detail to go to Mexico in my opinion the media and checo & co are getting out of hand and really ridiculous.

    Ps: sorry for any spelling or grammar errors.

  6. DGM says:

    I just find crofty to be very smug this days

  7. Golmaal says:

    I don’t agree with these ppl here with regards to Checo. Too much of blah blah. Checo do not have the right car as Max has. That’s it!

  8. arie broek says:

    Why a cost cap? Why level the playing field? F1 is competition, the pinnacle of racing. Competition is not about leveling playing fields. If teams can’t keep up they need to be replaced with teams that want too. What a nonsense. If there wouldn’t be a cost cap, the top teams would be much faster, teams like Haas, Alpha Tauri, Alfa Romeo and Williams would be sold to more capital capable outfits

  9. So funny to hear Lewis fans talking about max and red bull. Love it

  10. Checo is in the best car on the grid. He could have been in an alpha tauri or Williams

  11. Simon Ross says:

    Nice try Crofty but it has been close to being boring at times. Max winning by 30 seconds most weeks driving in 2nd gear not exactly exciting. All want 2021 again. This is what happens when a team breach the cost cap everyone is so far behind

  12. Problem with Ferrari is that it’s run by Italians.when it’s Mercedes or red bull people working for Ferrari then they win so it’s not the name of the team it’s the people.usually British run teams win.strange!

  13. Why do these pundits always bend over backwards to avoid calling Max's domination 'boring'? This sport is significantly more exciting with a competitive championship. There's no shame in admitting that.

  14. I'm a diehard F1 fan and I love the technical side of things. Bored is not the right word but there is something missing for me. Not every race needs to be a classic but DRS trains and tyre management, track limits, and not knowing the results are ruining this as a spectacle.

  15. ReefOoze says:

    crofty.. the armchair expert

  16. Alexis Poo says:

    How could you say its a driver performance? When you have checo 10seconds from 3rd place and you have Checo beating max with a solid gap before, the car is developed for Max rb19a is the best car and its unfortunately that you cant see that Checo has clearly another car, last year they changed his floor in Canada and 5 races later Helmut Marko said yes we have put Max and Checo in a testing floor, Max didnt like it and he switched from it, we left Checo into the testing floor because we wanted to develop rb19… why are you surprised… this season any different

  17. Its seems boring cause you already know who's going to win the race. That hope of seeing some one else win the race is really making fans dissappointed. Then there is Checo situation, where the only one seems to be challenging max is nearly 20 sec off from hm in every race. So the exitement factor goes out of the picture.

  18. In Jeddah and Baku Max was not even near Checo, no matter what he did. The reality Is Red Bull dont want Checo to upset their wunder kid and thats why they wont give him the same specs.

  19. ishamael0 says:

    Actually redbull saved checo career

  20. Am i the only one who loves watching crofty talk…i can do this all day!!!

  21. Sam sherwin says:

    These guys are suppose to be experts of the sport . But claim max broke Ricciardo.
    They where competitive and Ricciardo beat max 2-1 years .
    Educate yourself please

  22. lemons107 says:

    What a brilliant podcast thanks guys

  23. 13:20 – lando Norris would proper challenge max

  24. F1 needs to change that, if we want a better races more competition it would be great

  25. Pinocchio Horner or Marko they only care of Max interest

  26. Redbull only care one car and is Verstappen no matter who or what
    Is only Verstappen and is boring

  27. jealva says:

    Crofty is 100% right about Max. Watching greatness is underappreciated when it is happening and missed when it’s gone. I’m glad to have the chance to watch Max (and Red Bull and Newey) be so dominant. This is an historic season, let’s all enjoy it.

  28. You know it’s a pretty dark season, when we talk mostly about radio banter from the front runner as opposed to awesome overtakes, etc.

  29. rob-c says:

    00:33 The only way to respond to one of David Crofts ‘jokes’…

  30. Mr. Radesi says:

    Wow. Hello, excuse me, has anyone of you seen Russell or Norris, I can't find them on the list? 😎

  31. Jack Jackson says:

    Will there be more episodes while TMVS is on hiatus?

  32. SpatialGuy says:

    Broken Checo? If you’re talking in terms of a horse being broken in, then you bet they have and a good thing too! He forgot he was hired as a #2 driver for a while! Cheers, Michael 🇦🇺

  33. Arthur Hyde says:

    Crofty – F1 is full of smart people who will find ways to hide money. The cost cap will always be complex just like tax rules. I really think we all need to support the FIA as they work through implementation.

    Also, it is impossible from a practical viewpoint to externally project spending versus the cap teams on real-time basis because the spending rate is not ever going to be consistent. Spending will be front/loaded sometimes and sometimes rear-loaded due to upgrades.

  34. SWIM says:

    I wish Crofty would take his own advice in marveling the excellence, constentcy and record that Redbull are achieving.

  35. Is it worth to listen? Or is it all against RBR and Max.

  36. Did Mercedes broke Bottoms? Same question same story

  37. Mr Singh says:

    Did she dream up her own title to replicate a buzz word "content creator"? All she does is rant online thinking her opinion is the best.

  38. WalkDaddy45 says:

    Checo needs to get back to checo and he will get more podiums. Compare checo against checo not max. Can't knock a man for having a championship mentality. Especially if you helped max get the first title. Checo is Scottie Pippin.

  39. scotsocool says:

    25:05 ''Boring is the wrong word''. Definition of boring is: ''not interesting or exciting''. I for one, find watching Max run off into the distance neither interesting or exciting, so boring is absolutley the correct word and would be where it Max, Lewis or anyone else doing it.

  40. Henry Daly says:

    Can any one imagine if a panel of white straight males hosted a program. Do you think they would allow it ?

  41. The title should be max verstappen and Red bull Broke British media heart and mind leav rent free inside their head for two years and conting 😂😊😅😮 imagine red bull nailed the new Régulations in 2026 aswell that will be a realy fun see what gonna say about it like now 😂

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