I Tried The TEAM TAYLORMADE Fargiveness Test! (Stealth 2 Driver)

I Tried The TEAM TAYLORMADE Fargiveness Test! (Stealth 2 Driver)

Matt Fryer Golf tries the team taylormade fargivness test, to see if it stacks up to the results seen from the tour pros!

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23 Replies to “I Tried The TEAM TAYLORMADE Fargiveness Test! (Stealth 2 Driver)”

  1. Mark says:

    Forums are full of people with face popping or separating problems . Fine if you bought new ..you get a replacement but if you bought 2nd hand your screwed taylormade don’t honor the warranty if your not the original owner / bought from official retailer with necessary paperwork etc. Useless when there is a known problem.

  2. Carlo Roman says:

    I have a Stealth 2 Plus. It is now gathering dust in my closet. I hit it really far but couldn’t control where the ball goes. I have since reinstated my OG SIM to its rightful place.

  3. Im more suprised Matts got hairspray

  4. Malcolm A. says:

    Great looking club and I'll happily play it if TaylorMade will give me one LOL
    Nice review Matt – keep up the good work

  5. Matt. There’s a little black spot on the wall just to the right of the top shelf behind you. Could you do something about that? Couldn’t hear a thing you said in your video because I couldn’t stop focusing on that thing

  6. Lexx White says:

    I do that test every time I play…….just not intentionally 😂😂

  7. These new clubs feel like swinging a feather at the ground. The club would gaurantee a forgiving face if you've no clue what just took place while swinging it. Not a fan. This club simps a 5'7 pro and novice player alike.

  8. Charlie says:

    I will never understand why anyone puts ANY value in a decision on a club based off sound. It could sound like a cum soaked queef when I hit it if it adds accuracy for all I care. Seriously.

  9. Dave Allen says:

    Matt! I've spent 5 mins trying to scrub off that mark next to the mini watering can on ya wall in the studio 😂

  10. Paul Ivin says:

    Give it three months and the face will fall out; proof gained

  11. o17 ver says:

    I bought a Paradym triple diamond this year. Not only has it given me more yards, its definitely stopped me losing distance on off centre hits. I think a lot of brands have figured this out this year.

  12. Victor says:

    Everyone I know that have hit both the stealth and stealth 2, say the original is not only better looking, but a more consistent club. Including myself. But to each their own

  13. Very impressive but my bank account will be impressed too.

  14. but is it stll worth the price.. to much for my blood

  15. David Bowe says:

    Similar to the SIM and SIM 2.

  16. Les says:

    Watch the face doesn't come off !

  17. pete Kenny says:

    Matt…I think the way to test if this was bought is who at their club has this in Thier bags…Matt at my club I've seen one person with it…also most members have the ping and paradym ….on one of the TM open days 15 people went not one person bought the driver 🤷 tells you everything about it mate imho ..I think the sim2max was better driver mate

  18. Terrible looking driver, it’s not a great driver when some of the Taylormade staff players were putting old Sim drivers etc back in the bag

  19. Paul Bown says:

    Would you put it in the bag Matt?

  20. Dean E says:

    Great review, how'd you go hitting it out of the middle? Or is that a up coming video? Finchy bombs his a mile! I'm still playing the m1 gen 1! Seems a decent upgrade. Thoughts.?

  21. Andy Green says:

    Have to say I absolutely love mine. Added 5-10 yards but 20%+ more FIR. Cant fault it, HCI 17 so no a consistent striker by any means.

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