[HD] Nick Faldo – 100 Yard Wedge Shot Tips

24 Replies to “[HD] Nick Faldo – 100 Yard Wedge Shot Tips”

  1. Medium length iron shots

  2. RobloxObby says:

    My favourite player of all time

  3. the forearm rolling is completely unnecessary

  4. I've witnessed scratch golfers are incredibly good at this shot… so guess what I've started practising a lot! 😁

  5. Ivan Golfz says:

    I personally adore the fact that he doesn't necessarily need to make a humongous divot. Love Faldo!

  6. Eggs Mann says:

    That's text book Faldo chip at 0:50 Head perfectly still even after contact.

  7. radar0412 says:

    Too bad Rory can't benefit from Faldo's tip. He snapped all his wedges.

  8. Jan Pedersen says:

    Some of my golf buddies can make a sand wedge go about 100 yards. I just don’t get it. When I use my sand- or gap wedge the ball goes much higher than it goes forward so the shots end up in about 45-50 yards. And so on with the pitching wedge 75-80 yards I think. What do I do wrong?

  9. percival23 says:

    Wow see, that hand position tip is the type of thing that stays with an armature golfer for years. That is what we need. The guys today on here will talk for 20 minutes trying to teach you something and they give you nothing to remember. I think they do it on purpose just so you keep watching.

  10. lovetogolf says:

    Thanks Sir Faldo!!!

  11. Brett Karst says:

    The pros are the worst teachers ever!!! OMG lol…

  12. faldo is blowing out his arse hitting a wedge! Get to the gym.

  13. Yeah! He's hitting to 9th green at Riviera!

  14. talk about making it look easy

  15. John Mcnulty says:

    try hitting after all
    the hackers have left the fair way like bagdad full of craters

  16. Rick Clark says:

    Thanks for lesson
    Are you at Bella Collina near Orlando. Awesome Golf Club you built. Great Layout!

  17. robo931 says:

    Talk about some terrible editing. But tops instruction by Sir Nick.

  18. stephen f says:

    Well struck on that close-up…

  19. sgreenfly says:

    Faldo like Luke Donald is one of the best pro instructors out there, they seem to have a great knack of teaching

  20. hate trollers like peter d.. meathead trying to tell nick where hes going wrong..  fucking  idiot

  21. onespeed says:

    Harrison Ford is pretty good

  22. bigmaxy07 says:

    who cares what Nick is like. He hit 2 perfect wedges here which is better than I can do. So I take this as good advice.

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