He Gained 25 Yards & Fixed His Slice By Doing These SIMPLE Changes!

In todays video I’m doing to show you the exact steps I took this student through in his golf lesson so that he could transform his ball striking in under 45 minutes. By making these changes he gained 25 yards, changed his club path by 13 degrees, fixed his slice turning it into a draw and tightened up his dispersion!

This specific student had an extreme out to in club path through impact. As a result it was costing him distance, consistency & accuracy. As well as this he was topping & thinning a lot of shots which made him extremely frustrated!

The changes we made started at the address position. These included getting him to move his hands up the grip and move him closer to the ball with his arms relaxed straight down. This helped him fix his topped and thin shots. After that we worked on increasing his backswing rotation which allowed him to improve his depth. By adding depth at the top of the backswing he was able to transform his downswing without him having to do anything extra. This helped him move his path 13 degrees resulting in an in to out club path producing a draw.

In this video I will run you through the exact same simple drills that he went through in this golf lesson so you can achieve similar results! This is a must watch video for golfers of any level who are serious about improving their swing and game!

Check out this video and like always let me know what other golf coaching videos you would like to see from myself (Giles Gill Golf)

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12 Replies to “He Gained 25 Yards & Fixed His Slice By Doing These SIMPLE Changes!”

  1. Hi everyone, would love to know if you enjoy seeing videos like this?

  2. Ian Wallace says:

    I watched this last night, I've struggled with my driver for a couple of months now, I got half way round in a competition this morning and suddenly remembered this lesson. I have been reaching with the driver so I allowed my hands to hang naturally and what a difference it made. I found the sweet spot for the first time in a while and every tee shot on the second nine was almost perfect. Thanks so much for this Giles, you've helped this 73 year old get back on track.

  3. Tim’s says:

    This is totally me! This video is really good thanks,

  4. Keith Oliver says:

    Another great video with the lead knee does it move across or does it move forward

  5. Since I let my hands "drift out" away my shoulder line toward the end of my round yesterday, I was very interested in this video. Because my quality of shot suffered as this happened. Although your focus in this video was on your students 7 iron, what I took away from this is that your hand position beneath the shoulders is a "constant" for all clubs. After viewing this video, I experimented with this hand position on different clubs and the clubs basically adjusted themselves. If other than that Giles, guidance please! 🙂

  6. I'm always focused on swing path and take away etc. Never considered legs, suffering from not allowing my trail leg to straighten on the way back… lost yards and hands fighting to catch up with the body on the way down

  7. Love the instruction but you are working with a young individual that is very flexable, I would like to see you working with a golfer over age 60.

  8. Nicholas says:

    Probably a good lesson for 80% of golfers.

  9. Greg Mann says:

    I learned more about my swing issues in this 12 minute video than all the other videos I’ve watched all year.

  10. Harry Hall says:

    This is the definition of good coaching. Simple changes getting great results. The PGA need to do a better job in producing more coaches that explain and break things down like you do. Thank you Giles

  11. Pete B says:

    I know the driver is a much different beast in sorts however can we use this same setup and training for a better swing path I am also an OTT hitter ?

  12. Looking forward to this! I love seeing change on other people as it helps me visualise things for myself

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