He had to show up Grant! #golf #gmgolf #nelk #funnygolf

10 Replies to “He had to show up Grant! #golf #gmgolf #nelk #funnygolf”

  1. k.i.s.s. says:

    310 tops but nice drive either way G

  2. Anil Kakar says:

    If I saw Garrett as a part of my foursome, I would leave the golf course and never come back. I trust my instinct on shitheads, and this guy is Top Flite.

  3. Jon Dough says:

    340 😂😂😂😂😂 click bait dbags..

  4. You mistaken a 3 for a 2.

  5. boogiman says:

    If you think he flew it 340 youve never played golf. So much click bait around these guys. They are great golfers but compared to pros, not even close

  6. Chris Baker says:

    Yeah, but you see how downhill it is. That means it's probably playing 290 carry.

  7. You hit a kid with a golf ball. Not very smart to have people stand so close when you are not a pro bro.

  8. Jack Moon says:

    2 people arguing yardage then realizing they could hit the ball that straight or far in 500 trys at least

  9. Pretty deep carry into the green, sans dog leg I’d argue 295-315 carry (depending on any wind)

    Nice strike regardless of yardage

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