Head Lowering In Backswing ➜ Make A Repeatable Golf Swing

Head Lowering In Backswing ➜ Make A Repeatable Golf Swing

In this video, I’ll show you how to stop your head lowering in backswing so you rotate properly and get into a great position to start the downswing. If you are guilty of your head dropping in the backswing, this can lead to a number of other issues in the golf swing. Learn to keep it steady or even raise it slightly and you’ll make a better backswing delivering excellent results on the golf course.

Practice these keys and you’ll eliminate your head moving down in backswing, making it easier to transition into a tour pro downswing. Work on the drills at home first and then progress up to the golf driving range hitting short shots. Enjoy making a more consistent golf swing and shooting lower golf scores at your next round.

Video credit: @MichaelJohnField

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10 Replies to “Head Lowering In Backswing ➜ Make A Repeatable Golf Swing”

  1. Conner M says:

    I just found myself doing this after trying to tilt 😅 very inflexible. Thanks

  2. Ryan Kogan says:

    Are their any pros out their that don't lower their head during the swing?

  3. Michael Hill says:

    This is 100% me. Thanks for the tips

  4. I have had this issue and have been looking for cures. Have been reading Ben hogan’s 5 lessons this week and came across a nugget- on page 65 “his left knee is bound to break in correctly to the right on the backswing. It won’t shoot out straight ahead and as it buckles, cause his whole body to buckle over with it. Just one faulty movement leads to others. Each correct movement makes it that much easier to execute other moves correctly.” Having checked mirror a lot I think lazy shift forward of left knee to get what felt like a full hip turn is what was causing my particular downward head bob! Your video drills have been great to work on too thanks!

  5. Shane Deel says:

    I need help with my head goes up in the backswing but massively down in the down swing. It cause me to dig huge holes because I’m too close to the ground. My arms buckle and pain in my elbow and right hand. I’ve broke a lot of shafts .

  6. Very helpful. Thank you.

  7. A little dip on the way down.. so u can use the ground as u come through the ball.. sure u have a video on this. Thx for thw vids mate

  8. RedHed97 says:

    that looks excellent… trouble is,@ 65, that side tilt KILLS the back…you are a good instructor.

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