Here’s Why Your 3 Wood is Easier to Hit than Your Driver!

8 Replies to “Here’s Why Your 3 Wood is Easier to Hit than Your Driver!”

  1. If that's the case then shouldn't the 3 wood be harder to hit than the DRIVER since the 3 wood has about 16 degrees of loft?

  2. Joe Andreola says:

    My “tree” wood goes left , my driver goes straight!!!

  3. Md🙂golf says:

    No , I don't believe that ,sorry bro 👎stance,ball position, striking upward,and inside to out with a twist will all help adjust the slice 👍⛳🦘 smyley golf ⛳🦘😎

  4. maggitc says:

    Bullshit. That can’t be a pro saying shit like that.

  5. I follow all the tips: slightly greater weight on lead foot, ball slightly forward of center in stance, vertical line swing with a strong grip. And I still tend to slice somewhat on most hits. If I don’t slice, I tend to top or thin it. I’m extremely frustrated. Randy.

  6. Idk man I can’t hit my 3 wood for shit.

  7. Eric Bartha says:

    Statistically speaking the fairway is only hit about 1% more with a 3W than a driver.

    My driver is 9 degrees, my 3W is 15. Really think that 6 degrees of loft is going to prevent a slice? The answer is no.

    Don't listen to this guy.

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