Hit the Ball Farther with Ease!

As professional and amateur golf dives deeper into the world of statistics, it is clear that the quickest way to drop shots off your score is to hit the ball closer to the hole at every opportunity possible. Seems simple, but oftentimes players begin chasing speed when they could really gain yards by simply improving technique. One of our most popular tips, seen below, does just that!


8 Replies to “Hit the Ball Farther with Ease!”

  1. Reid Mathews says:

    Love it brother! I love being an OYGG member!

  2. Sure it made sense, but all I could look at was that screen! Man alive… How can you see anything?

  3. 12496 says:

    It's good to see you releasing a new video. I really enjoy the few I have seen and hopefully will get a chance to see more in the future!


  4. What is the drill ?? thanks

  5. Brendan Kerr says:

    Can totally see this component in a lot of the players swings posted on the channel.

  6. AlexUK says:

    Good video on the benefits of delofting, but what is the Drill itself?

    Practicing or rehearsing impact position before the shot?

  7. Yeaaah
    New instruction video love it👏

  8. Tyler says:

    Are your clubs standard length and lie?

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