Hogan's 1943 Drill

A drill by Ben Hogan from 1943 Esquire Magazine.

Read the article: https://classic.esquire.com/article/1943/3/1/learning-good-golf-by-sense


20 Replies to “Hogan's 1943 Drill”

  1. Sorry buddy, you can't teach an average guy that comes out for a lesson like that.

  2. Awesome video , Thank you sir .

  3. SAB FAN says:

    Obviously where Tour Striker came up with the Smart Ball concept?….🤷‍♂️

  4. People on YouTube always chit chat too long. Just get to the drill.

  5. just tried it. It was great.

  6. full square says:

    Wheres the link sir?

  7. Don Schmidt says:

    Any tip from the greatest ball striker ever has to help. Tiger and jack were hacks tee to green next to hogan. They were just better putters. That giescfor anybody playing now as well.

  8. Gary Lucas says:

    Can’t see hogan doing that…Houdini yes , hogan no

  9. JM M says:

    Wow this is such a new and groundbreaking drill for me thank you for posting appreciate it very much

  10. I clicked on the link and you have to be a subscriber to view the content?

  11. Geo. Perez says:

    The link doesn't work.

  12. why not just use bands

  13. Jimmy Vespe says:

    Hogan was a real joker. He played people all the time in the media, etc. This is yet another example. Probably laughing down from heaven.

  14. FlyingSolo77 says:

    Not a good drill because for your lower body your knees separate a bit (the squat part)?

  15. Where are the links to the Esquire article please…

  16. Denis S. says:

    I think I'll use strong Theraband, black or blue, instead of a belt.

  17. The belt just above the knees tells us that Hogan always started his downswing with the lateral lead muscles of the thigh of his lead leg. If he simply started his swing with his hips and knees together as he often said he did then the belt would have fallen to the ground. I find that starting my downswing with my lead lateral thigh muscles automatically drops my arms and hands in place to take over the swinging of my club through impact to the ball to the full finish of my swing. At 73 it has become the most accurate and easy swinging of my life with over 40 years playing golf. Cheers and thank you for sharing this very important drill that Hogan did,

  18. That poor lamp would be in danger of senor el hosel.

  19. I found the article and diagram online. It is a game changer. It shows the position of your left and right hand on the backswing, which changes everything

  20. rick petryk says:

    Very interesting drill will try it thank you!

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