1v1 at Soule Park Golf Course | Goophie Golf

Have you ever wanted to learn how to hit a tight little draw off the tee with a Rickie Fowler signature, left-handed orange driver? Good news, Noah is going to show you today.

Similarly, have you ever wanted to see the magic that a young latinx, mustached man can create on a golf course? Perfect, Rafi will be showing you today.

Will the bright orange, tightly drawn tee shots prove to be enough to stave off the devilishly handsome, mustached muchacho? You’re just going to have to find out.

Sit back, crack a cold one (limoncello lacrioix) and enjoy this 1v1 between two Goophie goobers.


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5 Replies to “1v1 at Soule Park Golf Course | Goophie Golf”

  1. 6:35 Noah sucks at fixing divots

  2. Brook Dave says:

    Soule park is the spot hands down 🔥

  3. Hell yeah! Love the content! Let’s appreciate the editing thooo!😮

  4. Hass says:

    Nothing but Con-Fa-Dahnce from the lad

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