Hot Takes + Superflex Strategy, Name Game | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1428

Hot takes, mustache mistakes, and lots more on today’s fantasy football podcast! Joe Burrow injury scare, keeper decisions, and player outlooks for the 2023 fantasy football season! Plus, Superflex draft tips and strategy! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for July 29th, 2023.

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(00:00) – Intro
(06:00) – Quick Question – Superflex Strategy
(09:25) – NFL News (Joe Burrow, Garrett Wilson, Dalvin Cook)
(24:10) – Mailbag
(24:00) – Josh Allen, Alexander Mattison
(26:00) – Consensus opinions
(29:25) – Rachaad White or Dameon Pierce
(32:25) – Offline Drafts ADP
(35:35) – Cam Akers or James Conner
(37:10) – Calvin Ridley
(42:05) – New Podcast Tips
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40 Replies to “Hot Takes + Superflex Strategy, Name Game | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1428”

  1. – Dive into the 2023 UDK! + download the mobile app

  2. I need a sign iff of contract eilin
    Although I need to confess I did meet eilish . Bil___

  3. It's a home touchdown. Burrow. Throw.

  4. Anel here. Bengal. 01 baby !

  5. Cannot wait for ricex , check me out.

    If I make it , which way , ? Broder don't bother , am in fantasy .

  6. We're the only ones selling them. 😂

  7. Love it when spitballers logic enters into footballers podcasts (Cameron, long for Cam) also so glad I picked this one off the list first (have several episodes to catch up on) thx for answering my question! Josh Joseph

  8. Marcus Silva says:

    can’t find the mentioned superflex articles

  9. Mock draft all you want. It won't matter if your dynasty Superflex start-up league has serious psychos who take Kelce in the first, like you just don't know until you get in your leagues. People are wild.

  10. Marcus Munoz says:

    NO Andy, you will win this war. Will can be Billy, Bob can be Bobby, Rich can be Richie

  11. Alex Mattison could be shortened to Al Matty

  12. Ghoste Mane says:

    The podcast tip section at the end was great. We appreciate you guys keeping it real. Thanks.

  13. I love the footballers but they dropped the ball… who is the ducers… dusters? Thought it was deucers 😊

  14. brggz says:

    In the mentioned ridley video, the camera was following zay for the entire route but only followed ridley starting 5 yards into the route so it seems like he's way faster. Illusion.

  15. Marco LH says:

    In a keeper league : Herbert or Lamb !?

  16. Awesome to see how much you guys have blown up! I remember watching you guys back in 2019 and that was when I won my fantasy league XD

  17. Kyle Swartz says:

    Idk why but Jason’s voice makes me angry sometimes when I hear it

  18. Mark K says:

    Love the show. Do you ever talk about the auction format? thx

  19. Auction draft help!!!!!

  20. A Alekhine says:

    Josh Allen vs Mattison… it isn't Allen by a mile?!

  21. You guys made me cheese when you brought up the superflex. Felt like you were specifically listening to me. Thanks boys

  22. Jacob Evans says:

    My roommate in college coined a term for lengthening a short name. Instead of a Nick name he called it a Nicholas name.

  23. William says:

    Hahahaha 18:30 lmao “What are you doing!” Hahaha

  24. Tough for me to say that Hopkins can't be top 5 receiver with Tannehill. He'll get an insane target share and Hopkins off play action will get a lot of open catches with YAC!

  25. “And don’t even get me started on Richard”😂😂😂

  26. Scottz Cardz says:

    12 team Sf
    Should I trade Dak for Stroud and Jamo? Stroud would be my Sf starter.

  27. In reference to the 1st question asked in this episode, “does this strategy also apply to 2 QB leagues as well as super flex?”

  28. This show (and all their shows) the best parts of my week.
    Always excited to listen to them when out and about.

  29. sirJames8 says:

    The closed caption for "Time On Gumry" made me cackle

  30. Brian J says:

    I already 100% thought about printing the UKD+ rankings for my use, and providing my league mates with PFF top 300 trash list 😂😂

  31. Like father like son?
    Mike Shanahan -> RG3
    Kyle Shanahan -> Trey Lance

  32. Mike Inca says:

    Great show and can’t wait till next week! Ballers rock!!!! 🏈 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  33. Literally just shaved a mustache to try for a bit….. Good sign 😬

  34. Rybread says:

    Jason with the Melin hat 💪

  35. Johnny D says:

    My birthday is august 2nd (40 this year) it usually falls the same time as the hall of fame game…. Wife always asks what I want…. Always the same. 5 days a week FFBallers and a nice dinner to watch the game with!!!🎉🎉🎉 you all are the best! Thank you

  36. How do you guys feel about Andy-roo? 🤔

  37. Ridley NONONONO until the end.

  38. Boss says:

    We need more mock drafts

  39. frfsdcd says:

    Auction draft episode one time please!!

  40. Joe DubTC says:

    Alexander Mattison nickname.
    2 A.M.
    Joe from MN

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