Why Won't the Open Return to Trump's Turnberry? Gary Player’s Bold Move on Controversy | Golf

The Untold Story of Turnberry: From Golf’s Pinnacle to Controversy 🏌⛳️ Dive into an electrifying tale as Club Golf unravels the layers behind the Turnberry Golf Course – a course that once echoed with the applause of legends, now finds itself at the center of intense scrutiny. With special insights from golf titan Gary Player and its intriguing ties with former POTUS Donald Trump, this story is one for the books!

Contents Of The Video

0:00 – Introduction
0:14 – Welcome to Club Golf
0:36 – Turnberry’s Legacy & Donald Trump
1:03 – The Major Setback: R&A’s Decision on the Open
1:37 – A Legend’s Perspective: Gary Player’s Visit and Stand
2:13 – Looking Ahead: The Future of Turnberry and the Open
2:25 – Outro & Call to Action

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