How I Would Learn Top Lane (If I Could Start Over)


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45 Replies to “How I Would Learn Top Lane (If I Could Start Over)”

  1. James Field says:

    Why is the red player blue and the green player red? Just use red and blue, my guys.

  2. Adam says:

    Don't learn toplane if you want to stay out of jail

  3. cole locke says:

    I only came to this video to say one thing from the thumbnail, I miss instant q Darius.

  4. Ziki zik says:

    I have a question. I have just started ranked and I was wrongly placed in silver II due to my performance with Lux (mastery 7) in the blind games. I should have been placed in iron because I am very new to the game, and now everytime that i play ranked my team just loses and I get super flamed. What can I do, for now I just tried to contact the riot support

  5. Amon Foratto says:

    This is actually the most valuable skill capped video.

  6. As a returning player after four years, this is a pretty cool video to have popped up for me.

  7. what a fake , this entier video get canceled by someone don't know this and wave clear the all wave without having last hit… all this get cancelled by someone don't know how to play.

  8. the most important thing is to teach yourself how to group, i can count countless time where the top laner prios farm over objs and most of the games are lost

  9. in low elo this wins you lane everytime

  10. Abdur R says:

    this channel is like the khanacademy of league.

    absolutely insane how comprehensive this guide is. i got to plat without ever knowing this stuff.

  11. Sackbub says:

    Question: Around 8:28 it shows the 2nd goal for each player at stage one, and it's to take a big winning trade. But isn't that stage 2 that is showing? Since it's in the middle of the lane and Darius has a lot more minions than Sion? But he also talks about in stage 2 that you shouldn't go for trades as the disadvantaged player (red player), and should sit back and let it crash and farm under tower. Just a little confused on this part.

  12. CoolzTR says:

    The thing I hate about Skills guide is that they do not cover ever situation and the fact that its not free to just "check out"

  13. Soham Gosavi says:

    Theres one more thing you can do after crashing a big wave: harass as they farm. Especially if you're a ranged champion. Or someone like illaoi. You can punish for every single ranged minion they go for. Thats why you never give the push to ranged champs if you can prevent it

  14. Matus S says:

    Hi, I am very new to this strategy. What I dont understand is, why do you say that on stage 1, Darius should stay in the minion wave in order to prevent it from crashing into turret, but in stage 2 you say that Sion should back up and just let the wave come to him? Isnt that the same scenario but on the other side of the lane?

    Also you mentioned at one point that Darius should've froze the lane instead of pushing it to prevent Sion from CSing. Why isnt it better to push it once Sion recalls, so he will lose minions into turret (or you can actually take some plates) and then you recall and wait for the lane to push to you? It doesnt make sense to me to set up a freeze in that spot. Thanks for clarification!

  15. This was super helpful! Thanks. I need to figure out on top of all this how to CS better

  16. Holy Duck says:

    The amount of theoretical knowledge to apply in real time is quite massive. I'll probably need a few games to learn how to exactly calculate the speed at which waves will be evolving.

  17. Fadhil H says:

    What is the correlation between rebound and wave management like slow push, fast push, freeze?

  18. Keryan Sahri says:

    Super guide pour la topoane , je commence a mieux dominer mes matchup.
    (Les hard counter sont toujours compliqué parcontre)

  19. Juno Cash says:

    as a beginner I hate it so much that the red player is not red on the map, just the icon

  20. adam says:

    how exactly does this help when your bot lane is 2/14 before 15?

  21. Latrell Jeho says:

    bro i hope you have a good day and God bless you cause this video really useful for me

  22. Hey You says:

    Or because you’re soon you just get tower plates when the minion wave crashes to tower. Pretty sure that’s the better move for that champ wether than resetting

  23. Deus Vult says:

    Using sion as an example is a poor choice because sion has passive and you can never trade 1f1 for wave with him he always gets the wave in passive if you dive him

  24. Art_vol says:

    To be honest, i didn't quite understand why do you use the same footage at 6:31 and 9:11 as the example both for stage 1 (where as you said, taking bad trade can loose lane for both green and red players) and for stage 2 (where taking bad trade is bad for res player only, because green player can fast push even after a bad trade)

  25. Alucard says:

    The fact that sion can shove Darius in eraly lvl just Shows that this is low elo..

  26. Raivazz says:

    20 minutes and sadly you didn't mention proxy or how to counter it

  27. gvg870 says:

    From a D2 player – there shouldn't ever be a stage 3 of a rebound. If your wave meets enemy wave right in front of his turret, you're doing something horribly wrong because it leaves you in a gankable spot. You fast push waves to sync the wave crash timer at a point where enemy wave has not yet arrived in their tower. If enemy tries to be annoying and hold it with no minions on their side you take a big fat trade and they can never contest the crash. Stage 3 of your video is something that you should actively avoid in your games. If it happens, just leaves you vulnerable to ganks.

    Correction: I agree with the tower diving aspect – in case you have jgl pathing to enemy to help with turret dive, that scenario would make sense. But not in isolation unless you're so ahead of the enemy that you can solo dive but then you should actually be looking to 2v1 as well.

  28. Top lane life hack

    Lock Yorick
    Push until nexus is dead
    Rinse & Repeat

  29. George says:

    I'm watching your channel around a year , i've learned so much from you and i climbed from g4 to d4 , you guys are incredible ❤

  30. Uri says:

    is there any support or adc video like this?

  31. Jarad Shaw says:

    Id pay 1000 dollars if i could wipe from my memory everything related to League. So i could actually have fun again playing. Now its like a machine task list that rare alters

  32. Martwo says:

    7:35 that's me after flaming the jungler

  33. All this for your whole team to get stomped and wanting to ff15…

  34. shaco says:

    How does the first successful rebound/recall affect next rebound, for the other player? Let's say both players are aware and utilising the concept, so sion has more hp/mana, and darius got off the first rebound and returns to lane with an item advantage successfully. Sion's wave is supposed to be at his tower, building up off of darius' big wave's crash… Rebound advantage is with sion at that point, but is that advantage enough to mitigate/counter an item advantage Darius has?
    I guess my question is, how do you pull off a successful rebound if the other player already managed to get one… I mean it would be similar if Sion died, whether rebound crash happened or not. Darius has item advantage and priority with zoning off, by extension of item advantage… How does that work? Or is minion advantage and rebound advantage(position near tower) enough to mitigate item advantage?

  35. Dap says:

    Hello I went in a game to try this against olaf, he killed me 2 levels down no ult no nothing when i was half an item up. This guide didnt help me win that game

  36. KryptoBlade says:

    The best thing I learned from this video is to play a manaless champ that has a heal ability so you could just stay in lane for ever.

  37. Arrownymouse says:

    What is that red side bot cooking?

  38. K3NEOH says:

    Can this be used in any lane too mid and bot?

  39. Able says:

    I'm guessing all of this still applies for mid lane correct?

  40. declspecl says:

    can you guys make a video about playing top when lane is unplayable? sometimes you just have to leave lane and roam because you cant lane but it can be really hard to navigate correctly

  41. Amarzz Aelin says:

    Which are the biggest differences in the other lanes?

  42. billtwo says:

    we need a 10.1 Tier list

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