What's The Most Idiotic Assignment You've Got In School?

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What’s The Most Idiotic Assignment You’ve Got In School?
This video is filled with crazy stories. Be sure to watch the entire video 😉

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22 Replies to “What's The Most Idiotic Assignment You've Got In School?”

  1. TSA 595 says:

    1rst story. As a South African this makes me disappointed with this lady.

  2. In senior year of high school we had a student teacher teach our English class for a few months in place of our real English teacher. She had us skip all around the book we were reading that unit (in a rush to get us through the whole book in time), resulting in us only reading about half of the whole thing. And then she expected us to WRITE A BOOK REPORT ON IT. It was a confusing book too, don’t remember the name of it but it was one of those Shakespeare/Canterbury Tales/Odyssey type of books that are in Old English and very hard to read without the help of a translator or someone who actually understands the language. And surprise surprise, all of our reports were really bad (even me, who was one of the best writers in the class LOL).

    I don’t remember exactly what happened to her but she basically got fired by our real teacher. And on our real teacher’s 1st day back we literally had a whole group discussion about how much we all didn’t like her that ended with our real teacher taking all the stupid book reports off our grades so we could try again after reading the book the right way. To quote her, “the idea of writing an essay on a book you’ve never read before is QUITE the idea!” LOL thanks Mrs. Crawford:)

  3. NXTangl says:

    Nice Hamill impression.

  4. tankman 1945 says:

    I had a example just like the seat belt story.
    A debate class about the Atomic Bomb. I was put on the side of why it was bad. I didnt care about my grade. All i said was pro why the bomb was a good thing. I know of a lot of the japanense armys actions during WW2. I was not going to say things against the bomb. War is war, war is ugly. Thats why war is to be avoided.

  5. Me again: there were 4 of them & they were huge!

  6. In 8th grade, I had the job of cleaning the blackboards!😊

  7. Jazz Lambe says:

    Mainly Fact's Guy has a mad Joker impression! Well done sir!

  8. Student teacher had to fill in as long term sub during 8th grade year for history class had us do a group project posing as part of a campaign team for either Thomas Jefferson or John Adams. I was made to do Adams and mentioned to other guy in the group that Jefferson forced one of his female slaves who was a young teenager at the time to have intercourse with him on the promise that the children will be freed once adults or his death. The other guy then during the large debate between the two teams shouted out towards the end “Thomas Jefferson raped a 14 year old slave!” And got detention and had to right an apology letter to the teacher about disrupting the class.

  9. Man I remember in 3rd or 4th grade and ela we had to to some sort of tic tac toe but every square is a different assignment. I don't even know what the teacher was thinking with this but the assignments were difficult. The thing about the assignment was that we had to do it every week and had to do a square almost every night. I really hated that class for that.

  10. Luiz Bezerra says:

    My brother had a chemistry assignment which involved getting the formula of Coca Cola. It took the entire class to tell the teacher that's impossible since it's kept in secret and her to research herself to change the assignment to something more reasonable.

  11. Story 13: that one def kid

  12. I had to make 5 song parodies. It was an English class. In college.

  13. An ad interrupted when he started with- teachers. And the ad connected- play the piano like you always wanted.😂

  14. 11:03 Ah-h. The one school assignment on here I can actually relate too.😄

  15. shade says:

    I've had very sane and reasonable teachers… The only story i can think of is one time we had to work in pairs, and the teacher paired me with the guy who absolutely hated me. Like, pure disdain, dude didn't even bully me because him bullying me would cause too close an association with me. He didn't even talk to me, just started the work. I tried, but it was impossible to coordinate with a guy who didn't even want me to look in his direction. Teacher split our assignment in half for half a grade each, guaranteed failing grade, but we were both happy to accept it if it meant not being near each other.

  16. TrueZero2 says:

    I can confirm your comments on Story 11. I was the de-facto tech support for my primary school because I was good with computers. Got called out of class to help other classes fix their computer problems.

    My method? Unplug a cable, reinsert it, then check to see if the problem was fixed. If not? Move on to the next one. The power lead was a big chunky kettle lead more often than not, so I knew to leave that one alone until the end and the computer was off.

    It was 1999 to 2002.

  17. When you think about it, all the idiotic, bullshit assignments make perfect sense. School is supposed to prepare you for the real world. We live in an indiocracy. And everything is based on bullshit. So these kind of school assignments make about as much sense as everything else.

  18. Dumbest assignment? I could write about everything from high school (it was a government funded cult compound) or even that one time in 8th grade I had to re-write the entire US constitution!

    But the one I will write about was in 6th grade PE class. This was middle school, so this was well into the the whole 'changing into gym clothes' thing. So usually we would arrive, they would take attendance, we'd dress out, then do actual PE stuff before we would dress out again into our usual clothes and going to our next class.

    This day however, I guess the coaches were tired or something, becuse we dressed out like normal, but instead of us leaving the locker room the way we came in, the coaches had us go thru the attached bathroom into the athletic locker room and had us sit down and 'think about how we all were going to be on the school sports team' the following year.

    Then…they left.

    So me and every one else was just sitting there, not really knowing what to do, when minutes later another coach saw us, asked what we're doing, we told him what we were doing, and he looked at us for a minute, gestured to the door he came thru, (this room was a meeting/storage room off a locker room, off a bathroom off another locker room off a gym, but both locker rooms and this other room had doors going to the gym) and invited us to watch a football game.

    So yea. Never did find out what that whole thing was about. Our coaches never broght that up.And I'm pretty sure none of those kids joined any school sports team. I know I didn't. This all happened in a public school in Texas, so I guess they thought all the kids were going into sports?

    Tldr: 'just sit here in a strange locker room and daydream about your future sports career'

  19. A Rob says:

    Alcoholics Anonymous? More like Alcoholics Documented

  20. your comedy, acting and timing were ON POINT this video

  21. IsYitzach says:

    Story 28: We did counting by multiples in first grade to 100. 20s, 10s, 5s, and 1s. I think we did 2s to 20. But the teacher would hand out certificates for counting to 100 by 1s.

  22. IsYitzach says:

    Story 20: I'm not entirely sure what I would have done, but here's one option. Write both one for and one against. Include citations. The one against seat belts should have no citations and be very short. The one for should have at least 20 citations. "Why can't I find any sources for this position." "Its because you're wrong." I heard of an anti-vaxxer try to do the same thing and couldn't find any peer reviewed articles backing the position.

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