How many mulligans do you need to be scratch? #golf #golfer #golfswing

44 Replies to “How many mulligans do you need to be scratch? #golf #golfer #golfswing”

  1. Funny shit man subscribed

  2. Potatocakes says:

    Drop another ball for the putt! You would’ve had it. 5 inches left of the cup

  3. Chuck Sierk says:

    "I couldn't read a Dr Seuss book" 😂😂😂

  4. I'd play a round of golf with you any day. You're the guy people wanna play with. Good times and memorable golf round. It's the sarcasm that makes golf fun.

  5. VitaminD says:

    When I play by myself and if it’s not busy I’ll play two balls. And let me tell you what, that second golfer is damn good 😂

  6. Jackson Buck says:

    On 18 holes, probably like 7-9 mulligans

  7. 18 mulligans and I can hit par

  8. 2 iron…… geezus! Talk about making it hard for yourself

  9. I follow you on Instagram but I've been three putting today a lot

  10. U r a terrible golfer

  11. Gavin says:

    “Call me a barber becouse I’m giving out fades today” hahaha

  12. Jesus Christ I have never laughed this hard at golf content.

  13. These videos give me mob movie voiceover vibes and I'm here for it 😎

  14. acallen101 says:

    Love this guy. Regular car reviews meets golf!

  15. DB says:

    You got me with the ending too good❤😂

  16. Keep up the self degradation my dude. We love to dwell in the pain of golf together.

  17. Kind of refreshing dude said he hit a 200 yd 2 iron uphill. Keeping it real, dude aint small so you know he can hit it, but lets be real, dudes talking bout 3 irons going 250 plus, gtfoh

  18. “Fastest hand to pocket” 😂😂😂🎯💯

  19. Slip Knot says:

    Didn't even finish the first video of his before subscribing. That's gotta be a record. He's absolutely hilarious!

  20. To be fair that’s a solid bogey!! Flushed 2i….ok John Daly!!

  21. Nique spoz says:

    Whatever you do, don't lose that 156 handicap. We need ya.

  22. Miguel Ortiz says:

    Least the kicks are on point

  23. I demand that this man narrate my life.

  24. Waiting for the video lesson on getting the 2nd ball out of your pocket so fast

  25. Golf is Fun says:

    Isn’t that what a handicap is for lmao

  26. Fastest hand to pocket speed 😅😂 too good

  27. This too relatable 😂😂

  28. Travis Smith says:

    Why do you have a 2 iron lmfao.

  29. Blaine Lee says:

    Bro your a legend & I may be better at golf but I just quit yesterday I’d love to play oneday !🤙🏻

  30. Paul Shay says:

    Probably a good 30 lol

  31. this guy voodoo is strong! wouldn't follow him! golf sucked! Started following him I'm ready for q school! well my handicap dropped a shot! lol

  32. no body says:

    Get a magnet ball marker, for redo putts.

  33. Love your videos. Stop trying to slap the shit out of it though, just because you can hit it far doesn't mean you should.

  34. Eric Massoni says:

    I love this man so much. Too real

  35. Eric says:

    Probably the best/most relatable YouTube golf shorts that exist no 🧢

  36. Wil San says:

    Love your commentary

  37. Love the content. Enjoy it more seeing my home course being represented. Hole 5 can be tricky.

  38. Jos watson says:

    this is so painful to watch

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