How Miura Make Their Golf Club Heads

Not all forged golf club heads are made the same – Miura’s process is world famous and about as good as it gets. See how the ‘Hands of God’ makes his clubs!


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  1. Thanks you for your good informations~~~

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  2. TZOID08 says:

    So I have read that Miura doesn't actually forge their own heads but rather they source from another company and finish the heads and grind them in-house. I'm blown away by that . Can anyone comment?

  3. yermanoh says:

    sounds like a load of premium sales waffle

  4. I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.

  5. The problem with this is they dint tell you that the forging is dive by someone else miura does not forge there own irons or hosels. All they do ay miura is grind the heads. They get the same heads as other companies get. It's all a scam. Scratch irons get there forgings the same way.they even stamp there heads with the wrong type of steal and say they do it themselves. Now if that is true. There is good information explaining this by TSG I believe

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