Titleist AVX vs Pro V1 HEAD TO HEAD | Golfalot Review

Titleist AVX Golf Balls Review

Which balls do you use? Have you tried AVX before? Let us know in the comments…

This video review was shot at Prestbury Golf Club, England.

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Thanks for watching the Golfalot Titleist AVX Golf Ball review


38 Replies to “Titleist AVX vs Pro V1 HEAD TO HEAD | Golfalot Review”

  1. Dan kool says:

    If you can't brake 80 don't buy it, spend it on lessons folks.

  2. Wade Link says:

    The dimples look like a Bridgstone.

  3. RichardC says:

    I have to laugh at the claims on these boxes, new and improved.It’s a miracle they could find an improvement. Have they found a miracle compound. Snell and Kirkland are just as good and a considerable price difference. For the average golfer it doesn’t matter.

  4. ErEf says:

    AVX is a good ball with no brakes ….long yes ….but still…no brakes, low heights, difficult to manage around 50 y to the green.
    ProV 1 soft, as long 5-10 yards maybe shorter, heights medium, descent angle better, stopping power better…my experience. And furthermore the 2023 is a new edition for Titleist ProV 1 are even better. Search for TXG testing ProV1 2023 on YouTube

  5. The AVX is long but the Left dash is longer, Especially if you have a very fast clubhead speed.

  6. My goodness your golf swing is so simple and repeatable! Don't care which ball is better just love watching you hit shot after shot. Hopefully some of the images in my mind translate into my swing But Nice video too!

  7. What's inconclusive when you've got clear data in front of you…don't want to upset Titliest do we ?

  8. MrDjslav5 says:

    Great ball. Nice to have a different logo to tell the difference if you forget to mark it. Playing them for a couple years. Nothing but good things….

  9. John Domutz says:

    I'm older and have lost speed and distance. For that reason, I can relate to your channel. I noticed your distances are closer to mine compared to the lads, who hit it forever. I am new, but subscribed and will be tuning in. Thanks for your efforts in this space.

  10. Charles says:

    Nice 👍✅⛳️

  11. Manxkn0bs says:

    Nice review, thanks

  12. King Phan says:

    I started AVX golf ball since the first launch in the market. Giving me super excited distance and spin I want on green. The new generation of AVX is even greater for short game improvement. I am still using AVX and prefer AVX for priority.

  13. H N says:

    Best ball I've ever used the lower spin seems to stop me from losing them as much and they seem to go further than pro v1 which I just seem to lose all the time.
    Really good in windy conditions aswell.
    I don't have massive club speed
    100 on absolute bestest swing

  14. Ryan Renshaw says:

    You realize there are variable swing characteristics between golfs right ? Some need higher launching ,some need lower launch – some need higher spin – some need lower spin … her swing is on par with most pros — not a lot of mishits to even test. This ball is for the golfer that needs lower trajectories and lower spin and is not as consistent ( meaning side spin coming into play more often ) so for that player it’s either this AVX or or a Left dash V1X…. Both balls do not fit the majority of golf swings as most people need higher trajectory for instance

  15. I switch between Vice Pro+ and Pro V1x

  16. AVX player. Price may change that though after just watching your review on Titleist TrueFeel

  17. Such a great thorough review, thanks! I’m staying with ProV1

  18. As mentioned previously: I play the AVX to reduce side-spin on the driver and longer shots. To compensate for the lower trajectory on the driver, I’ve increased my driver loft by a degree or two. Not sure it’s perfect in all situations, but I’m very pleased with the ball and it’s performance.

  19. Enjoy your critiques! I am playing the Wilson Staff Duo Professional green and the Triad unpainted. Really like them both! Doesn’t it also matter about your club make up, irons that are designed to get the ball in the air could effect the flight of the AVX too right? Thanks

  20. I'm an AVX player and chose the AVX because I wanted a premium tour-quality ball with less spin on the driver and long irons — specifically, to reduce side-spin in order to increase accuracy on less-than-perfectly struck shots. Not sure how I feel about the lower trajectory but I've always hit a relatively high shot and doubt I suffer from the lower ball flight. I also like the softer feel although the lower compression may come at a cost of a few yards here or there. In fact, on the course, I've not noticed a sacrifice in distance at all (previously I played the Pro-V1 and TP5x.)

  21. Erik says:

    Thanks for doing this review! Very helpful!

  22. Home4Ya says:

    YOU MUST TRY TOUR BXS, TIGERS BALL, Im only 97mph driver and this is by far best overall for me, PLEASE!

  23. Chris Benton says:

    Great video! Love this. Interesting however …… I get the opposite/ slightly different results. AVX around 500-700 RPM lower with driver and 6 iron and around 200/300 less with the wedge. I feel AVX certainly has reduced side spin with driver over the PROV1 (using GC2 & indoor ball testing) Driver CH speed 105-107👍🏼

  24. Pete Stevens says:

    Played AVX last year and found them to be all right but the cover only lasted 18 holes. I’m a 64 year old 10 handicap swing speed with driver around 95. Tried the Bridgestone RBx and liked them as well. Not as soft as the AVX but longer off the tee.

  25. How do you feel about the Pro V1?

  26. S S. says:

    I like this golf ball.

  27. At 28 handicap I don't use an expensive golf ball at all, Sophie. I have tried to get an idea of difference between feel of the options. I have tried A Titleist Velocity, and a Titleist Toursoft. My club pro has suggested to me a Srixon AD333, which I have just got. I think they are harder though. I like a softer feel.

  28. Sean Cook says:

    Play the Left Dash. Find it firmer with higher compression which means for me it’s longer with the Driver. Spins around the green and the firmness off the putter is acceptable. Switch between that and TP5 Pix which is softer feeling and saves me having to put too many marks on the ball. Find ProV range tends to wear better than say TP5 and Bridgestone. Can get 18 holes done and the ProV Left Dash still look like new provided I have not clattered a substantial tree! 😂

  29. Seve Sellors says:

    Play tour speed or tour soft but do like AVX and may switch.

  30. G Shew says:

    Love your content. Can you do a vid testing the Autoflex shaft in the 405 and 505?

  31. Papa Shuk says:

    Have been playing ProV1 as the belief it’s the best ball for everyone. Recently was fitted for irons and switched my Prov1’s for their balls during the fitting. I was losing 5-6 yards every shot so we mixed them around to be sure of the numbers. Now I have 3 dozen ProV1’s I need to pawn off on my buddies to get my money back😂

  32. I play predominantly on links Sophie so the lower spinning one would benefit me but I baulk at paying £52 for a box (not that I lose many) and currently have been using the Pro V1 or Srixon Q Star tour. Great vid

  33. Duncan Green says:

    Currently playing Srixon QStar tour, looking to move toProV1x to get higher flight with stop ability around the greens

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