How the Garmin S70 Virtual Caddie will Change Golf Forever

I take the Garmin S70 virtual caddy on course to see if it can help me shoot even par.

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41 Replies to “How the Garmin S70 Virtual Caddie will Change Golf Forever”

  1. Frank Goudy says:

    Nice. But I see a lot of 5 hour times for 18 holes. Move along!

  2. how is it getting that wind number

  3. John Bone says:

    Great, stuck behind a wrist watcher for 5 hours. Oh what fun this game is becoming.

  4. You say the watch asks you what club you used. Do you have to scroll or something in order to fill in the club you used. After every shot? Could take some time if it is your turn to hit again after a misshit. Short clubs and putts etc.

  5. Ken Pappas says:

    $700 ???? No thanks!

  6. Michael D says:

    Nice I will have to upgrade from the s20. quick question what push cart are you using?

  7. The Garmin s70 is looking like a must have!!!

  8. Ian Chambers says:

    and most important of all…..completely illegal in competition. You cannot get advice on slope, wind speed etc etc We have already had examples of players being thrown out of club comps using these devices…swearing the caddy is turned off then turning it right back on.

  9. I have now owned 3 Garin in different forms, why don't Garmin tell you that the battery can't be replaced, just use it and throw your £300 golf watch away after 3/4 years

  10. TheUnclered2 says:

    Talk about slowing up play……

  11. Rob Neville says:

    It looked like this included the slope – Would that be legal? – Could you turn it off? – The apps on my phone let me play without it.

  12. M Rad says:

    One thing these devices are missing… practice range distances. The GPS should be able to map the target greens quite easily.

  13. John R 3 says:

    this is really nice but they missed the mark by not having NFC detect of a tag so you do not have to swipe and tap your club. other wise very nice

  14. Alex Lowe says:

    Is this legal in a competition?

  15. Great video. I bought this and have played 5 rounds, but it doesn’t seem to recommend which club to use so don’t know why the virtual caddie isn’t fully working? Also the display is just the yardage, whereas on your watch it also has the hole map to the right hand side of the yardages. Any tips?

  16. Jay M says:

    SCAM. Rocco is a sellout.

  17. What about when you are finished ? Can you see on garmin connect all your stats??? Fairways hit, GIR, putts , ……….

  18. Don says:

    Can this legally be used on the PGA ?

  19. Paul Evs says:

    You still got to hit the ball? Your handicap is your handicap for a reason!

  20. islandsnow says:

    It seems like you are constantly waking the screen up because it dims. Can you not see the screen when it dims? My s62 reflective screen is very bright in sun and doesn’t need to be woken up

  21. Mark Tweet says:

    I have a Garmin golf watch. It doesn’t work and can’t get it serviced

  22. Al Cook says:

    Nice review. I have more time to run than golf, so I ended up with the Forerunner 965. Had Fènix 5 before that. Was hoping for additional golf features on the 965, but not much difference. I probably should have waited for the s70, but I am a nervous golfer and probably wouldn’t take time to utilize all the features once on course. Garmin golf app could use some improvement. Should have a option for satellite view when reviewing shot tracking IMO.

  23. Silverghini says:

    Why Is dispersion a rectangle and not a circle or oval?

  24. Apparently the virtual caddie forgot to fix the pitchmark from your approach shot. :p

  25. Wish there was a good option for galaxy 5 pro watch

  26. But shots that arw not full shots will distort the data, ie a bump and run with a 8 or half wedge. Do you just not put the club in for these shots so it disregards them ?

  27. Ingi Haralds says:

    Looks great and can most likely help with decisions, just feels like a lot of work by putting all the data in screen by screen, after each shot and hole.
    If you could add the data all at once on one screen it should speed things along and be more appealing for me personally.
    But great video and review!

  28. 700 dollars!? dear lord im too poor to be good at golf i geuss

  29. Cybek Cusal says:

    112 lob wedge and 140 8 iron. As if…

  30. Slow Hand says:

    Where ids the actual wind data coming from?

  31. Jay Chu says:

    Recipe for slow play 😂….just get an approx yardage and hit your mediocre shot and get on with it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  32. Skye PRF says:

    Does it promote slow play? It seems you have to spend a lot of time playing with it instead of stay focus on your game…

  33. A Fletch says:

    Great video, as usual. Thanks.

  34. Nate Alger says:

    Love your positive attitude on the course… I have had the S40 for a few years now and still really like it. This seems like a nice upgrade though if you want a bit more data.

  35. I bought this watch it is amazing. The other stuff for sleep and recovery works well too.

  36. golfaddict says:

    I ended up ordering the EPIX PRO GEN 2 in 47mm sapphire today…it has all the same golf stats as the Approach s70 i found out…hope i made the right choice…lol….thx again for your review

  37. Ryan Deery says:

    Just purchased it and can’t wait to use it.

  38. I have Gen 3 Arccos sensors right now. Do you feel like the caddy features from the S70 along with the CT10s will provide a better AI caddy experience?

    All of the courses I play near me have Garmin Contour data

  39. David Jones says:

    I have the S60 and need to indicate drive result, L,R,C. Does this calculate fairway and rough?

  40. Ryan Kemp says:

    And this is without the CT sensors?

  41. LE GEND says:

    I have the s70 and am a bit disappointed in some of the features. It seems like the plays like distance doesn’t account for front or back pins so you still have to make an adjustment for that. I also took this watch on a golf trip and on 2 of the 3 courses I played the yardages were way off, like 80-100 yards off based on what the gps map in the cart was showing me so watch was pretty useless.
    I made sure the courses were downloaded and the software was updated and I even restarted it and changed tee boxes. Thankfully I had a rangefinder but I expect a lot more from this watch.
    The screen is great as is the battery life and the plethora of smart watch and health tracking features are great. I’ll give is few more rounds but I may go back to the s62 which is great.

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