MEGA 2v2 Golf Match ft. RAMBO !

We have found the JOHN RAMBO of golf! We are playing an epic 2v2 golf match at bentham golf club in yorkshire! But Mr Barlow has recruited Rambo to his team!

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Welcome to the Golf Mates YouTube Channel!

We bring you fun golf videos with a band of characters for you all to enjoy.

There are characters we can all enjoy, from Mid Handicap Golfers, Funny Golfers, Senior Golfers, Scratch Golfers, Ex PGA professionals and PGA Professionals.

My videos are here to help improve your golf game and to bring the fun and the community back into Golf!

Our Characters Playlists:

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Bry ► European Long Drive Champion –

Peter Finch ► Ex-Professional & Scratch Golfer

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36 Replies to “MEGA 2v2 Golf Match ft. RAMBO !”

  1. Bentham golf club looks absolutely beautiful

  2. Bentham golf club chicken and rice 😂😂👍👍

  3. Drew Willis says:

    Bentham Golf Club

  4. Bentham golf club……. brilliant video..course looks brilliant

  5. ha ha Mr B thinking he starts fashion trends quality stuff !!!!! "Bentham Golf Club"

  6. Bentham Golf Club. I've been looking into playing there. Looks a great course from the vlogs

  7. Lovely video and course! Bentham golf club !

  8. Liam, did EBay Pete take a bride. That so called put on the last was horrible 😂😂😂

  9. Tom Allan says:

    Bentham golf club

  10. BREWHAMP says:

    Bentham Golf Club

  11. Tony Walber says:

    Bentham golf club

  12. Bentham Golf Club, course looks cracking

  13. Bentham golf club looks a great course.

  14. John carden says:

    Well played lads.Bentham golf club it look a fine course and facility.

  15. Claire Smith says:

    Would love to visit Bentham Golf Club

  16. Derek Brown says:

    Bentham golf club
    Lovely course would love to come here would take the other half with me think for once she wouldn't mind me playing golf 😂

  17. A Barlow Boom to finish us off, lovely stuff!

  18. Bentham Golf Club! The lodges along the course are a super idea 👌

  19. Carl Glenton says:

    Bentham golf course looks class

  20. Neil Cowen says:

    Great track lads love it 🏌️‍♂️ Bentham golf club 💪🏻👌👌👌

  21. Louis Warne says:

    Bentham golf club

    Love a golf getaway

  22. Bentham Golf Club. The course looks fantastic 👍

  23. Bentham golf club looks the business..

  24. Great looking course

  25. Mr Barnes says:

    Bentham Golf Club

  26. Phil Bentham says:

    Bentham golf club. Awesome video again!

  27. rich millns says:

    Looks an amazing course. Bentham Golf club

  28. Colin Brown says:

    Bentham Golf Club. Great entertainment and a bit of class golf as well. Cheers Liam.

  29. Rob W says:

    Bentham Golf Club, Looks like a great course.

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