How To Adjust Your Strategy Between Best Ball & Redraft Leagues

Mike Leone is joined by Jack Miller and Mark Dankenbring to discuss key differences in roster construction and strategy between best ball leagues versus managed leagues.

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7 Replies to “How To Adjust Your Strategy Between Best Ball & Redraft Leagues”

  1. Chris Held says:

    Hey is one of y'all the username of 'nastipasti' on draft kings?

  2. The reason onesie is more valuable in bestball is because you are accumulating points.

  3. qazzaq Stan says:

    1 thing you didn't mention is non-tournament Bestball. Those leagues are often total points and rookie values should tank, compared to anything with a playoff structure (or even a managed total points league where again you gain the advantage of a breakout).

    A lot of other differences all have tradeoffs that seem pretty equal. Example it is nice that WRs have a lower injury risk than RBs but this feels like it matters more in Bestball where at least for the first 14 weeks I care a lot about if my player misses 4-6 weeks while in redraft I care more about their projectable PPG in games I know they are playing and can string enough things together in the weeks I know they aren't that I can limit the damage particularly when far more teams tend to make the playoffs. On the other hand as you say 0 RB is also a lot easier in managed in many ways because I can make roster moves with the changing RB landscape and other players can't fill their last flex/WR spot via 3 projectable volume mid-low tier WRs who alternate spike weeks.

  4. Thank you for this video guys. I love best ball but people try and directly transfer those rankings to redraft and they’re def different

  5. Bookmarking to review again 2 weeks from now 😂🔥

  6. Mid round or early QB in redraft is best from the data I’ve seen.

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