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  1. Ben Miller says:

    DOOO!!! GO DO YA THANG ON BLACK OPS 2! Nostalgia run for the win!

  2. steamy tree says:

    There are a total of 20 gifs as of the beginning of this podcast

  3. jason house says:

    Dooo make a black ops 2 video

  4. Sappho says:

    The casual Doooo racism gets me every time😂

  5. Joe Polimeni says:

    My eyes started dilating from watching this

  6. Hell I ate a horse tongue

  7. Kcail219 says:

    What happened to the pirate song Dooo was supposed to upload? 🤔🤔🤔

  8. Leechion says:

    14:50 Man… that brought back such bad but terribly funny memories.

    My grandmother passed away 2014. Got her cremated. 4 years later I visit my aunt with my mother. we want to grab some of her ashes. My mother opened the box. A giant fucking puff of ash just powdered my mother in the face. She looked like a mime. My aunt started crying with my one cousin, a few of my other cousins laughed. My grandfather looks over and just says "You probably just got her ass ashes all over your face"

    Absolutely terrible but funny at the same time. It was her one last good bye

  9. Leechion says:

    Soup you mean 8:30 Those were wax cylinders. They were the first way of recording audio. Theyd have a pin on it thatd slowly move over as the wax spun, and the pin usually had a bugle horn on it to make that pin engrain the pattern of that sound. One of very few ideas Thomas Edison actually made himself and didnt steal from his workers.

  10. OMG, that ashes story………I felt so bad laughing at that

  11. PFScorpion says:

    Slackjaw please come to pensacola bay center🤘🏻

  12. lastman 320 says:

    Hey pickled pigs feet is a Mexican delicacy don’t be racist Blarg

  13. SM Rogue says:

    NorthStar client is a fan made client that fixed titanfall 2 servers and made it hard for hackers and ddos’ers

  14. wooo gz on the 99 slayer cape mcnasty i love that you guys play my favorite game ever

  15. Karma says:

    How does blarg react to aliens being confirmed

  16. Cpt.Str4ng3 says:

    I love the remake of snow white with soup in the main role.

  17. Kore# says:

    A homosexual asian guy.

  18. MXRSS says:

    idk y but i feel bad for blarg 43:02

  19. Kore# says:

    Fishing in femboy clothes on the podcast when????

  20. Kore# says:

    Hands yp if you creab


  21. Onion says:

    IF YOU PLAY TITANFALL 2 THEY HAVE A BIG MOD COMMUNITY omg, and the people left playing are pretty sweaty… there's a defense mode however that are against bots but they get progressively harder and it's very fun

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