How To Avoid Line Twist On Spinning Reel! | C.A.'s Plantation Tales

In this video, Capt. C.A. is heading out of the Plantation on Crystal River to do a little bit of Spoon fishing, but mainly to talk about one of the biggest problems with Spinning gear and that problem is line twist! Capt. C.A. will go over specifics such as why is line twist bad, how it occurs, as well as showing you a couple of solutions to resolve line twist!

This series is brought to you by Plantation Inn & Golf Resort located in Crystal River, FL!

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8 Replies to “How To Avoid Line Twist On Spinning Reel! | C.A.'s Plantation Tales”

  1. Larry Carr says:

    And don’t let the bail automatically close. Close it by hand. If you let the reel close my turning the handle, it will still twist the about one full turn each time you cast. Close it by Hand!

  2. With all due respect it's only virtually possible to avoid line twist. Twists on a spinning reel are like the vortex behind the boat propeller. You can do things to avoid the problem but it will cost performance. Best thing to do is fish weightless with spinning reels and that will eliminate the line twist all together.

  3. CA you alway’s have the best tips and the best channel! Thank you for sharing and showing your passion that we share with you .

  4. Hoss says:

    Don't wind your reel when drag/spool is turning..

  5. J J says:

    CA, great point on line twist. I grew up using baitcasting tackle in freshwater and never owned spinning gear until I started saltwater fishing about 15 years ago. Now, most of my reels are spinners so I learned to pull off about 30-40 yards of line at home in my yard every so often to eliminate twist. Another trick I do is to pull all the braid from my reels and tie the opposite end to my reel to extend the life of the braid. The innermost line is covered and protected and never used so reversing it on the reel is like putting brand new line on. The highly used line is then buried in the bottom of the spool, similar to the backing line.

  6. Bcal610 says:

    Would love to see CA come to Charleston and bless us with his techniques

  7. Pete R says:

    My best advice to avoid line twists is buy a Stella!!!! You will thank me later! On top of everything you said😊

  8. Back when I went trolling for kingfish I had to let out a bunch of mono to eliminate twist, especially with spoons. I had some King Getters that I put stinger hooks on. They definitely caught fish but twisted the line. I also did it with my ultralight once in a while just to get any twist out. Braid doesn't seem to be so twisty.

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