Travis Scott – UTOPIA – ALBUM REACTION. Nothing more needs to be said. After 5 years, Travis Scott has brought us to Utopia. Come with me and experience my first listen to this incredible project.

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21 Replies to “Travis Scott – UTOPIA – ALBUM REACTION”

  1. Trpppyyyy says:

    I think this is his best work and the best project to come out in years.

  2. okrambo says:

    Bro just listen to what the artist has to offer stop asking how many beats he used or how many switches. It just ruins the vision the artist wanted to project. You're not an artist, just try to understand the songs.

  3. i know? best track on the album by far

  4. Jake Tyler says:

    Telekinesis I can hear Marvin’s room when sza gets on🤣🤣

  5. I don’t know if anyone will see this comment but thank you for what you do Jon. I have bad anxiety and depression, and when I need to unwind, I watch your videos and feel better. Congrats on all of the success

  6. Passiv_ says:

    Why do people like this? I doesn’t even sound like music to me just sounds and monotone rap

  7. Passiv_ says:

    Why do people like this? I doesn’t even sound like music to me just sounds and monotone rap

  8. F2P BOYZ says:

    I think Don Toliver would’ve slid perfectly on I KNOW? but still this album is amazing

  9. 16:23 … Maybe I'm wrong, but that sounds like one hell of a flip on Journey's, "Separate Ways." No? Regardless, the album is really fun to listen to.

  10. @Jon Denton This might be really Travis Scott's best work ever. If not better, just as good as Rodeo. Liked AstroWorld, but to me that album was like 3rd with Rodeo 2nd and this 1st in quality for me . Worth the wait fr fr. Only thing I gotta say is you let Drakes verse on meltdown go over your head brotha. The TV producer airing it out line was beyond fire, so fire it burned every bar in a prison to the ground. I can't be the only one after hearing this perfect album that's excited for of course Asap Rockys new album, Don't Be Dumb, especially after 1 of his singles from it, Riot. But fr fr fr mainly Drakes "For All The Dogs" album where drake basically stated the old drake everyone misses is coming back, and lots of ppl around drake that heard some tracks off it saying it's his best project to date yet. Beyond excited for that specific album as a big Drake fan (A realistic one though, cause his last like 3 projects been trash asf not including the amazing Dark Lane Deme Tapes and with Her Loss just being decent and really good only with certain tracks.) And excited for Rockys next project as well as Coles last album which has confirmed a Drake feature knowing that Coles albums never be having Features so with all that news with Travis Scott's Too Tier amazing Utopia album to set it all off for our generations music that we grew up on that has started to put out and get to its Series Finale. So happy to be born and grow up with this phase of music that's been riding with us since we were very little to growing up to being grown to getting old. It's all coming to an end on an amazing note. (Pun inserted there lol) but yeah no generations after will ever be able to top these artist and their album runs within theirs and our music journey. ❤

  11. Literally sounds like a kanye clone

  12. JLove says:

    I love your passion. Truly love and appreciate your reactions and take them to heart. Sending love. ❤

  13. Dylan Wright says:

    Can we get a comp of Jon reacting to all the features, the facial expressions were absolute gold 😂😂 What an album !

  14. jay162 says:

    Caution when driving while playing James Blake…man can put you in a real trance if you're not careful.

  15. *You’re in gods country
    Not in Montgomery
    Go ted bundy dint play Albundy*


  16. John: “sounds like a Kanye record”

    Utopia in a nutshell

  17. Don't get me wrong, I like this album, but I would prefer 2 more songs like Thank God and God's Country.

  18. 15:46 has great meme potential

  19. paul carlsen says:

    Been here since the back porch

  20. GrizzlyCrop says:

    Travis is years and years ahead of his time 🔥 No other artist is putting out music like this, blows every other album since astroworld out of the water 🐐🐐🐐

  21. JaydenKye says:

    Imagine playing this album in a clear boiler room by the pyramids

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