How to Build a Trebuchet | MythBusters

What’s the secret behind a perfect trebuchet? Adam tinkers with his mini medieval weapon to show us. Did you miss the latest …


23 Replies to “How to Build a Trebuchet | MythBusters”

  1. Just make this but like 50x larger

  2. The real title of this should be. 'How to build a trebuchet but leave out the important details of the release mechanism that I was looking for and that Adam worked out, so we could have shown you, but decided not to'… thanks for wasting my time, have a free downvote

  3. X Y says:

    Why’s this guy act like a sissy

  4. Delta 6 says:

    Is there a parts list?

  5. Super handig dit! Ik ga deze maand m'n €500 gokbudget hier aan besteden!

  6. 198lbs object up to 984ft in freedom units lol

  7. Sean Kubin says:

    Remember when Adam said that he hates duct tape. That every task he could use duct tape for there is a superior product that works better. That duct tape isn't even in his mental toolbox of things to use…BUSTED!

  8. Opinionteer says:

    Wonder how they came up with 3.7 to 1

  9. should see a 20 ft tall version built from truckstop light poles, a 500 gallon oil drum filled with tractor weights pulled down with a farmall super M. i know it sends bowling balls, lawn tractors and other odd things pretty far.

  10. Wheels, Wheels, you gotta have wheels onit. The original people finally discovered that many years ago.

  11. C says:

    i would just make the arm at its max point.. when the weight hits the ground..

  12. need more detals less talk

  13. RAF_Thomas says:

    My cousin and I are building a 10 foot trebuchet in our grandma’s backyard

  14. I heard a builder say something about having to hold on to the projectile/sling until the last second. Same way you want to hold on to the tip of a towel rat tail before whipping it at the target; even that small bit of resistance as you let it leave your hand apparently helps. I can't draw you what this means for a trebuchet, but I heard it's really important – and was the missing detail not covered by the medieval manual.

  15. Keywalker says:

    How does it weigh money £

  16. Trebuchet are a work of engineering genius.

  17. I know what i am going to do this Summer…

  18. Demi Amores says:

    Building a miniature trebuchet this summer with my homies. This was a lifesaver

  19. Adam Smith says:

    Anyone know what Season & Episode this was aired on? Thanks 🙂

  20. Literally gonna do this this weekend

  21. After several hours testing he successfully make a hole on the ceiling 🤣

  22. That’s a fully loaded trebuchet right there.

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