How To Choose Your NEW Fairway Wood | TrottieGolf

The 5 wood is a popular choice among the modern day PGA Tour Player.

In this video discover the reasons why & how the 5 wood power play can become a huge asset in your golf bag.



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  1. I rather play my 3 wood at 17 degree loft!

  2. Eric Bradner says:

    I’d been trying to get 4 wood, 7 wood, 4 hybrid to work. But the 7 wood and 4 hybrid gap too close together. (Weird, right? The hybrid is a shorter length and slightly higher lofted. Guessing it must be the 7 wood spinning way up.) I like having a hybrid in there somewhere, though. So now I’m moving to 5 wood, 4 hybrid, to fix that gapping, and will have an open spot in the bag. Maybe a driving iron for really windy days. Maybe the 300 Mini.

  3. How would you compare the forgiveness of the sim2 max 5 wood to the titanium? Quite torn as I don’t want to buy a club that will be too hard to hit. I play off a 11 and an 33 years old.

  4. EMJMovies says:

    Hey Trottie, what’s the size difference between the sim2 ti 3 wood and the sim2 ti 5 wood I can’t find any pictures comparing the two anywhere!
    Thanks 👍

  5. My sim 2 max 5 wood and 7 wood arriving this week!

  6. KMurf says:

    Any V steel is a beast ,, I game the 3,5 Sim,, incredible how better fairway woods they are ,,really unbelievable!!

  7. I'm playing a 5wood with a 7 wood shaft 63gram is that unusual

  8. Raymond Doan says:

    I made the change to a 5 wood last year. I ended up getting the M6 5 Wood because i honestly cannot hit a 3 wood well. The 5 wood has more loft for me and is more confidence inspiring. I end up hitting 5 wood further than I ever could with a 3 wood.

  9. Les Haverty says:

    Inspired me to get fit and for the first time ever I have a 5wood turned all the way down as the next club after driver and no 3wood anymore.

  10. Got the 2016 m1 3HL with both weights out to the side, hands down the easiest club my the bag to hit. Pretty much a guaranteed fairway at 280 yards as long as it’s not too windy

  11. Nick Pingel says:

    What length do you recommend for a 5 wood? Shafts seem very long now. I play a 43” 3 woods as a reference. Thanks!

  12. John Eden says:

    Been toying with putting a 5 wood in. But I still love a hybrid

  13. Daniel Cox says:

    Love the channel. How long do you like your woods?

  14. I already have rescue #3 and now looking for fairway wood, which number I should pick? #4 or #5?

  15. RCouchy says:

    Mate are you matching profiles of your driver to FW? I see you use the TZ6 in driver do you use it in your FW?

  16. TM M4 HL3 already in my bag 🇸🇪💪🏻🏌🏼‍♂️

  17. 7417cd says:

    Hi Chris, a recent TM convert from Titleist(woods) Sim driver fantastic 👍👍 Loathe to depart from my TS3 4 Wood(16.5). Like a small fairway wood head, is a Sim 3 wood(+loft) or a 5 wood(-loft) my best option. Great videos. 👍👍Chris

  18. Where do we find some T-bug hats like in the Trottie logo? Been looking forever

  19. Todd Sincock says:

    hey trottie, so your 5-w00d off the deck is carrying 250yds…this doesn't leave a gap at the top if you're going with 4 wedges? You must really bomb your 4 iron out there to 225 or 230 yds??

  20. drroger98 says:

    I picked up a 5 wood and purposely picked one I could spin a bit more to hit and hold greens. And still will hood it a bit to get it out there if I want.

  21. Josh Dobkin says:

    My Sim Max 5 wood is 🔥. I have the 3 as well but rarely play it anymore since the 5 is so damn versatile and easy to play.

  22. DuTcH_-●- says:

    I'm all about that set-up myself, great advice try it if you haven't. Any news Trotter on the new balls release?

  23. Brad says:

    Thanks Trottie for the video! I love my 5 wood (18 degree)! I just got a new 3 wood (15 degree) and can’t get the loft I need to approach the green with a good decent angle. I think I’m going to adjust the loft sleeve up to 16.5 to see if it helps. Anyhow, I love TM using the Ventus shaft on consumer fairways and drivers, but why no Velocore in the stock shafts? Is this a cost cutting measure or is it amateurs wouldn’t benefit from Velocore in the shaft? Have a blast at the WMO and thanks as always!

  24. iamantti says:

    Hey, This question is not about fairway woods sorry about that. But what do you suggest, should I buy the Spider X now or wait the 2021 version?

  25. Your channel is just so awesome, love it

  26. Justin M. says:

    Wish TM released a 4 wood in the SIM2 TI. Something around 16.5-17* would be mint.

  27. I have the old 5 wood VSteel, and I hit it so well. Recently had a fitting and we tried hitting some of the new sin2 FW's and I hit the VSteel 5 wood almost as far as the new 3 wood. Such an iconic club.

  28. Jim Jimenez says:

    Tips on ball placement and swing to make great consistent contact with the fairway woods

  29. Andew Lea says:

    Some great shots there Trottie and great inside to the inclusive to putting in the modern bag

  30. byoshio31 says:

    Great content Trottie. I was wondering if the same type of results could be had from the HL 16.5 SIM 2 Max Fairway. Pondering going that route as my 3WD often gets too close to the driver.

  31. Eamonn C says:

    Another great vid!! I got a bag fit at Foregolf in Ireland nearly 2years ago and they took my 3w out and replaced it with an M6 5W. Gets so much more use than my old 3w and like you said, gave me more options at the other end of the bag.

  32. Dereck Jones says:

    tried a 5 wood last year at celtic manor and loved it,deffo 1 going in the bag this yr when we are aloud back to it.Great content as always

  33. Added SIM Titanium 5 yesterday, for all the reasons you mentioned.

  34. Jan Tunalv says:

    Is there a (good) reason for not having the loft sleeves on the SIM Max fw? I find the Max more forgiving than the Ti which I have in my bag now. And since I don’t have access to a tour truck to bend a Max, I’m stuck with last year’s SIM Ti – for now. But I’ll go with the idea of de-lofting my 5 wood to perhaps eliminate the 3 wood. Good idea!!

  35. Thomas Ousby says:

    You’re a top bell cap

  36. Why is it that DJ uses a 7 wood (21) at times, instead of using a 21 degree hybrid? is the lie angle, ease of strike, forgiveness, etc …?

  37. Gav Brett says:

    Definitely going to try one out when possible

  38. Paul Evitt says:

    Before we locked down here in UK I had a couple of rounds where I had 5 wood (3 Wood shaft) and 7 wood (5 wood shaft) in the bag. Never been able to hit a 3 wood off the deck and the 5 has been a great option

  39. Ed P says:

    In the past I had a different shaft for my driver and my woods. Does the shaft stay the same no from driver , 3 and 5 woods?

  40. Tom Cafferky says:

    Even a 6/7 wood is a great option which I am considering. Thinking about gaming a 4 wood and a 6/7 wood and I play off 2. Alot of Tour Players also have a 7 wood in the bag instaed of a hybrid or a 2 iron.

  41. MackemAB says:

    I think most people just assume a 3 Hybrid is more of a versatile club and won't even give the 5 wood a look.
    I'm currently looking at drivers/woods/hybrids after getting the Sim Max Irons. So I'm very much going to consider a 5 wood.

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