Travel Guide for the 2024 Cleveland National Sports Card Collectors Convention. Book your hotel now!

Travel guide for the 2024 National located in my own back yard of Cleveland Ohio.


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35 Replies to “Travel Guide for the 2024 Cleveland National Sports Card Collectors Convention. Book your hotel now!”

  1. thks 4 sharing neo!

  2. Edwin Lap says:

    Downtown Uber is $ 24.95 to the Convention Center. I am gonna skip this one. Excellent presentation btw – appreciate all the details.

  3. Spend a day at cedar point!!

  4. Aitbnb..NEP…camp sites his yard

  5. karmy2005 says:

    I'm from the Cleveland area and I eat out everyday because I can afford it. The restaurants I recommend are Texas Road House in Brooklyn area, Cheesecake factory at Crocker Park/Westlake. Fuji Buffet in Parma. If you can afford it, there is a buffet at Jack's Casino that's very good but it costs $34 per person for dinner. Because it's inside the casino, kids might not be allowed into this buffet.

  6. karmy2005 says:

    I had the VIP package back in 2003 and parking was not included. Don't know if that changed or not. My guess right now is parking not included for VIP. Parking was $20 per day the last time the National was in Cleveland.

  7. Paul O. says:

    Great video man. The video will get great traffic

  8. Neo, this is going to be helpful to a lot of people!!

  9. If you wanna stay close, north Olmsted and middleburg heights are both fine for hotels.

  10. You’re the second person I heard call it an airplane hangar. It’s like 100 hangars. It’s a former General Motors wwii bomber and tank factory.

  11. My anxiety of figuring out Cleveland national logistics starting early with this video 😂😂😂

  12. Neos crib is the cheapest for us all folks 💪🏼💯 its called the "Air-bNb-for the Free" better shot of booking early if you know a guy named Manny Ramirez 😉
    🤣😂🤣😂…he said were good its for the FREE #SUPERGOODDUDE

  13. Dave-O says:

    Are we gonna hear jet stream with planes landing next to the show ? Looks very tight.

  14. Freddy Find says:

    Most important question… have you eaten at Michael Simon’s restaurant?

  15. Jeff Becker says:

    Great video!! Booked my Cleveland hotel 3 days ago……using points for 4 free nights at a Hyatt.

  16. Can I stay at your pad, NEO??

  17. Great evergreen content sir
    I am looking forward to next year. I have family in Canton to say so I am thinking multi day trip for me next year.

  18. Outlaw4188 says:

    Local Clevelander here I 💯 agree with you on advising people to get rental cars because Ubers for packed events here are very unpredictable I remember different times my brother and his wife going to downtown Cleveland to restaurants and bars during Cavaliers or Indians games and the Ubers would be anywhere from 20 minutes to a 45 minute long wait I just don’t think there’s enough Uber drivers in Cleveland to handle big events especially the nationals next year so I agree with you definitely if someone wants to drive around I would personally book a rental car and as for great spots to eat there’s Angelo’s pizza in Lakewood which is basically the best pizza you can get in Cleveland It’s been voted on multiple years in a row also if anybody is staying in downtown they can always visit the Westside market and Ohio city which has a decent amount of restaurants and bars also this is just a heads up for anybody coming into downtown Cleveland that’s brand new to the city try to stay away from East Cleveland It’s pretty dangerous over there and that’s where the majority of the bad neighborhood are/crimes happen so just try to stick to the main downtown area and the west side neighborhoods of the city for example like Crocker Park, Lakewood, Great Northern, Parma, Brooklyn, and other areas like those

  19. Crazy Kev says:

    Parking at IX in 2018 was $20 per car.

  20. NON-SENSE says:

    Nobody going to
    might as well be in Haiti

  21. Niles says:

    Time to take advantage of my Indian stereotype. Time to book a room with my Marriot or IHG owner discount.

  22. NEO Cards , Comics and Travel

  23. The Independence area is really nice with a lot of restaurants.

  24. Thank for the information

  25. tubenachos says:

    I'm hesitant because not very fond of Cle

  26. Michael Root says:

    You got an extra room I can rent out that week? I don’t do drugs. I’ve never been arrested and I have an 815 credit score.

  27. Not sure what it’s like in Cleveland but Turo is a great option for cars. It’s like Air B&B but for cars.

  28. Jon says:

    Very informative. If I make it (I'm from the UK), what's public transport like – can you fairly easily get from downtown to the center or is Uber your only/best bet?

  29. Inglorious P says:

    Ain’t no way we making 2024 national videos already lol

  30. steve voyk says:

    I suppose I could make the 5 minute drive and actually go to this lol.

  31. Junk Slabs says:

    Trade night at NEO's house

  32. Thanks! Planning attending the Phillies-Mets London series which is approx. at the same time as the National so I'm out – not that anyone cares….LOL R&R HOF and football HOF would be cool to visit – I would schedule to attend those on Tuesday and leave the rest of the time for the National. Have fun!!!!

  33. Extremely helpful video, thanks NEO! 👍🏽

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