How to Improve Your Approach Game and Become a Better Disc Golfer – Disc Golf Tips Ep. 4
Everyone loves to practice driving the disc and we know that putting practice is important, but dialing in your approach game can also shave serious strokes off your rounds. Become a better disc golfer and improve your scores by applying these 10 tips to your game!



Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay

00:00 – Intro
0:21 – Fast Discs Flare, Slow Discs Settle
1:30 – Use Spike Hyzer to Control Distance
2:19 – Keep it to One Angle
2:52 – Avoid the Big Mistake
4:04 – Consider what Wind You Want to Putt In
4:47 – Use the Course to Your Advantage
5:31 – You Don’t Always Have to be Parked
6:18 – Use Low Glide, Stable Discs
8:02 – Throw Putters for Straight Shots
8:34 – Throw a Berg.
9:46 – Outro


11 Replies to “How to Improve Your Approach Game and Become a Better Disc Golfer – Disc Golf Tips Ep. 4”

  1. Uh… that Berg was put in the Witness Protection Program 😂

    We'll be sure to fix that exporting problem in future vids!

  2. A video with a couple of throws at Founder’s in Oak Cliff (Dallas)!

  3. TimH says:

    Great video 👍

  4. Lukeamania says:

    G Star Roc3 will go into the chains from 100'-200' out. I can vouch for that.

  5. No love for the Storm Discs Crater?!

  6. TheeGoose7 says:

    Love my Berg. Should have been tip #1 haha

  7. Cade Fowler says:

    Never seen your channel before, but this video was amazing! You deserve way more subscribers

  8. Caleb Willis says:

    Berg-y Boys seems like a real "layup" 😏 of a doubles team name lol. Great video and super helpful tips! Can't wait to completely disregard them in my next round and shoot +13.

  9. Dave Lopez says:

    "All other things being equal, a wider rimmed disc will have more flare than a shallower rimmed disc."

    Flare???? What the heck is flare???
    I've heard of speed, glide, turn and fade but not flare??
    and shallower???

    But which is it?? width or depth?

    You are equating rim width with speed?? or is it shallowness with speed???
    by shallowness I guess you are thinking about the rim depth??
    So, wider flares more than deeper?

    The actual rim "width" difference between the roc3 (5,4,0,3) and the firebird (9,3,0,4) is 5mm. At the speed that you are throwing, it's not gonna make a lot of difference. IF you were throwing faster, it would make a difference.
    But there is a lot more differences between these two discs.

    This does not, to me, make sense.

  10. Tim says:

    I noticed that you used different approach discs. Is it because each hole is different?

  11. Ty Campbell says:

    Step one… Get a K1 Soft Berg and park everything

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