The Disc Golf Basket Pyramid Shot

Mike Milne and the Salt Lake City Tunnel Runners set up this pyramid of Disc Golf Baskets during the 18th Annual Creekside Open Disc Golf Tournament at Walter Fredrick Morison Park Disc Golf Course in Holladay, Utah. Make it in the top to win a basket, all other shots made in the other tiers are rewarded with prizes.


27 Replies to “The Disc Golf Basket Pyramid Shot”

  1. Larry G says:

    Great idea! I wish more clubs would do things like this

  2. Roman Vigil says:

    As frolf grows it becomes so much more then just throwing a disc;)
    Love it thanks

  3. James Harris says:

    That looks like fun

  4. Infernizard says:

    I loved purple shirt guy running for the discs

  5. Tommy says:

    This looked like a SHIT ton of fun!

  6. J White says:

    Not one forehand shot

  7. Tim Adams says:

    That proves that disc golf people are just fun people.

  8. John Noe says:

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  9. Rest in Peace Todd!

  10. I just want to see how they got the last disc out of the basket lol

  11. Kyle Weir says:

    30 meters is about 100ft lol great maths

  12. DG 18 says:

    This is easy as fuck

  13. wheresbicki says:

    couldn't pick a more stereotyped music selection for disc golfers lol

  14. Kid in the purple turned gay at 2:25

  15. Hey, that's pretty good.

  16. Would love to see this done at Yellow River park in Porterdale next spring.

  17. Jpgundarun says:


  18. Fantastic idea and looks like a lot of fun! I hope we see some events like this in our neck of the woods sometime.

  19. KeenOne Best says:

    Who is the guy in those Orange Suspenders @ 1:49 ?
    BTW Course in located in Holladay , Utah

  20. the next time you do that could you do that at Cascade Park

  21. This look like fun!!!!!

  22. That looks way cool

  23. Cloax says:

    awesome job guys. would love to have this more and more around coarse's and be able to have people at least win something. great work to everyone.

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