How to Stop Hitting Thin or Topped Golf Shots

Learn how to stop hitting thin or topped shots when you play golf

Thin Golf Shot Tips

In this video we review why golfers – and especially beginners – tend to hit thin or topped golf shots.

First of all, we need to understand what is the difference between a thin and a topped golf shot. A thin golf shot is one where the club hits around the equator of the golf ball. A topped shot is one where the club hits the top half of the ball. This is all in contrast to a good golf shot where the club hits the bottom half of the ball.

So why do golfers tend to hit thin and topped golf shots? Well, quite simply, oftentimes it’s because they are afraid to hit fat shots. One of the worst feelings in golf is hitting the ground first, before the ball, and sending that ball over a very short distance.

In this next series of videos we will explore how to train yourself to take good divots that start after the ball is hit.

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