the single coolest thing you can do on a golf course #golf

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St. André Golf

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29 Replies to “the single coolest thing you can do on a golf course #golf”

  1. Your channel is single-handedly getting me into golf. I love it

  2. Colby Drums says:

    You guys really have me invested in the hijinks in a sport I’ve never cared about in my life and I’m here for it

  3. BeltFed says:

    Dude is a version of Burt Kreischer, except actually funny.

  4. Toby R says:

    Isn‘t he scared to hit the camera? 😂

  5. scoot.91 says:

    Scoop and score baby!

  6. Siamese cats are not bald

  7. Matt says:

    One of my first dates with my wife i tried the full speed drive by ball pick up move. I was driving the cart and missed the pick up. So i turned and at the same time i turned i noticed she was pulling her hair up in a pony tail and had no available hands to hold on😮😮. She flew out of the cart and rolled down the fairway. She was a good sport about it and thank God she didn't get seriously hurt. I definitely didn't get a pat on the back like this guy😂😂😂😂

  8. David berry says:

    The worst “golf” account on social media. Imagine being this old and thinking it’s funny.

  9. Siamese cats aren’t bald. Sphynx cats are bald.

  10. smudge says:

    these guys hit the nail on the head every video. so underrated

  11. Andrew Byron says:

    You will be hearing from my Siamese cats lawyer

  12. Bald is cool now bro……. 😬

  13. That’s is the coolest thing you can do on the course. Good video. Thanks for sharing

  14. Kenny Chan says:

    Lol. That's me. The thousands I'm spending on lessons and not getting any better.

  15. McV1LLaiN says:

    Channel never lets me down

  16. Jim Townsend says:

    Who among us hasn't fallen out of a golf cart doing a drive-by? And friends, remember one simple rule of golf: It's OK to suck. Just suck fast!

  17. I do the drive by retrieval SOLO all the time! I hear people on the other fairways say that I’m like super cool. 😎

  18. These videos live in my head rent free. Everyone loves a full speed ball pickup

  19. George E says:

    This is the best

  20. This is slightly less funny now that we know he’s actually a very good golfer haha

  21. We Do says:

    Brilliant 😂

  22. Lmao stop it… My buddy is great at this maneuver, terrible at golf. But I respect the hell out of this skill

  23. Joebiz24 says:

    These guys could make Caddyshack 3, successfully. That is if it includes the course Ranger from some of their other vids…

  24. Kevin Wood says:

    I like the loop. keep doin the loop. y'all make good, funny videos. and the loop just makes them better. 😆

  25. Jake Macklin says:

    36 over on hole 8 😮 that might be time to change hobbies lol

  26. Jerry C says:

    Picked up that ball like it was FAMILY

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