How to Stop Shanking Pitch Shots For Good

Stop fearing the shank! It’s time to perfect your pitch shot and lower your golf scores. In this video, Todd Kolb, the Director of Instruction for US Golf TV, shares a simple tip he taught one of his students that eliminated the shank in his pitching and even led to him shooting his age! Incredible, right?

In this in-depth tutorial, Todd guides you through understanding what the shank is, why it occurs, and how to prevent it. His secret? Radius control. With a focus on maintaining the distance between the butt end of the club and your body, Todd breaks down the method that will help you stop shanking pitch shots. He’ll walk you through a few drills and examples, discussing everything from your setup, trail arm bend, and clubface impact position.

This video is perfect for golfers at any level looking to improve their short game. Not only will Todd’s advice potentially rid your swing of the dreaded shank, but it will also increase your love for the game and even help you shoot lower scores.

Learn the secrets to eliminating the shank and perfecting your pitch shot in this comprehensive lesson. Let us know what you’re working on in your golf game and where you’re tuning in from. We appreciate your support, so make sure to give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video, and subscribe for more golf instruction and tips!

Remember, great golf is about more than just a swing. It’s about understanding the game and your own technique. Tune in, tee off, and transform your game with US Golf TV.


9 Replies to “How to Stop Shanking Pitch Shots For Good”

  1. Watching from Australia.

    After 20 years of zero golf after being a 12 marker the shank is one of my regular shots but it’s almost like I’m starting all over again after such a long lay off.

  2. I need help as I'm hooking my tee shots 😢😢😢😢I live in Milan Italy

  3. Adam Flynn says:

    I really don't think I've ever had a shank.. honestly….i may have had 1 when i started playing but i just didn't know what it was but never since and i mean chipping pitching or full swing.
    Of course after saying this i know full well i am doomed 🤐

  4. I am working on everything currently I've been golfing 3 times and not that great but it's something I really enjoy I am from Elkhart,IN

  5. Need help with a hook with the driver please 😢😢

  6. Great video and instructions as always Todd 👍👍

  7. Scott Miller says:

    Great video guys. Thanks for all the great tips.

  8. Teach this please to Donald Trump from Arnie in South Africa

  9. Wayne Kivi says:

    Love this tip. So simple and just common sense. Have had bouts of shanks with short pitches that have cost me many strokes. I've been using a straight-back approach which works "most" of the time but this tip will address the real problem. Thanks for your many valuable tips. Wayne Kivi, Cape Cod (82 y/o)

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