HUGE Innova Restock, Discmania New Molds | Weekly Warehouse Update

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12 Replies to “HUGE Innova Restock, Discmania New Molds | Weekly Warehouse Update”

  1. When are you getting a restock of those new performance hats?

  2. Tom Doyle says:

    These could be an hour. Wouldn't be mad.

  3. kevin hulse says:

    Any chance you guys will ever carry infinite?

  4. Jacob Colon says:

    I found a no name hooligan yeet, learned it was the same mold as the warbird! Super overstable for my arm speed so it's on the back burner, but the alpha feels grippy and stiff. Bravo is amazing gummy plastic

  5. Eric Horn says:

    No fission proxy’s?

  6. iBenJammin says:

    Petition for disc manufacturers to call "Metal Flake" what we all know it actually is: Glitter

  7. Dacks says:

    DGA is going to pay Trevor to not mention that he putted with their discs. lol come on that was kinda funny….no? We were all thinking it….weren't we?

  8. Chris Rhome says:

    Hypercane is the new Venom

  9. You be thinking bout chuck Norris 😂

  10. Halo Beast is the best disc out there, imo

  11. Congratulations on the anniversary!!

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