OTB Tour Skins #101 | F9 | at Ledgestone Open

OTB Tour Skins #101 | F9 | at Ledgestone Open

Skins Rules:

Each hole is worth 1 Skin
Each skin is worth $100
Players must win the hole outright to win the skins
If 2 players score the same on the hole the current skins push to the next hole

Hosted by Luke Humphries

Corey Ellis
Calvin Heimburg
Casey White
James Proctor

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41 Replies to “OTB Tour Skins #101 | F9 | at Ledgestone Open”

  1. Goddamn James has the smoothest voice I have ever heard

  2. Pete Manouse says:

    The back and forth from Calvin and James was something special to watch!

  3. Rigo Valdez says:

    Stop bringing kelvin to this it’s fucken annoying already

  4. bustatron says:

    Calvin broke proctor on 7 and it was hilarious.

  5. bustatron says:

    That battle putt was the best ever so far. Perfectly executed

  6. I thought on hole 6 Luke was going to say James attended a HBCU not a Taylor swift concert

  7. Ploxjump says:

    Battleputt hype

  8. I come for the disc golf, I stay for Calvin.

  9. Seth Bogart says:

    Proctor out there reppin, anyone else see him throwing gang signs at 6:25 hahaha good match guys

  10. im always rooting for the anti hero. its me hi.

  11. Cory Allan says:

    Just say no to trump voters.

  12. Q says:

    25:00 ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

  13. FruityLutte says:


  14. lj2jam says:

    I could only watch/listen to 4 holes thanks to JP and his cocky potty mouth!

  15. GKpro is legendary in the game of disc golf. OTB skins is the best non-tournament disc golf content available.

  16. Brooksy says:

    proctor would play in sunglasses at midnight, dude never takes em off even when it gets dark

  17. I feel like Noob-Noob over here listening to Calvin rake these guys over the coals.

  18. Lost a lot of respect for Proctor when I found out he likes untalented hack music but oh well.

  19. 17:43 Vinny with the airplane noises

  20. I absolutely love the banter between James and Vinny!

  21. Jase1478 says:

    Calvin was brutal with James. I knew it was coming though. Lol. Hopefully the other guys get some skins in the back 9. "YOU did this, James. You could've ended this a long time ago but you had to keep getting birdies." 🤣 poor James

  22. Jack Reagan says:

    I have missed the back and forth with the card! This is a great one!

  23. Joey Hitch says:

    They just posted the European open. And in the first 5 minutes, you spoiled it for me, thanks.

  24. Mara Thuzula says:

    Can we find four pros with no notoriety and zero charisma… GK pro: hold my warm milk…

  25. Brooksy says:

    rip the views here now

  26. Steve says:

    I like James Proctor so much more after hearing him talk and seeing some of his interaction. I liked him already… just more now lol

  27. Steve says:

    James Lecy!!!!!!!!! 9:55

  28. Ken Marapese says:

    Proctor and Heimburg were entertaining to listen to.

  29. Casey seems so irrelevant in this. No shade thrown just an observation. Just not on the same elite level yet.

  30. dnajecki says:

    Corey’s wife lookin like a snack

  31. Gosh James voice deeper than Simon's pockets

  32. "Belting my Swifty magic". 😅 "Do we have brooms? Just use that Mustache you got there." 😂🤣

  33. AeroRising says:

    Calvin is on Skins so much that I bet he could literally not play any tournaments and he would still make more money than 90% of touring pros just off if GK Pro Skins.

  34. Zachary Zyer says:

    Man I love these but let’s see our boy Luke get a shot at some skins!

  35. W Cooley says:

    The slow capping is getting a little corny now…

  36. Should have had cole instead of James. C

  37. KalenvS says:

    If Discmania doesn't have a "Watch me BRO" shirt by the end of the week I will be so disappointed

  38. Colton Head says:

    I got Soo happy on hole 8 to finally see Hogan ❤️

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