I bought the driver that TIGER WOODS HATED

I bought the driver that Tiger Woods HATED

In this video PGA Golf Professional Rick Shiels puts the infamous 1ST EVER Nike Forged 400cc driver to the test. The Nike Driver was bought from the online auction site ebay for £50 and was from the year 2002/2003!
The driver was known for being Nike’s first ever golf driver and was used by David Duval & Tiger Woods on The PGA Tour.
Watch until the end to see if Rick Shiels can hit this NIKE driver over 300 yards!


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37 Replies to “I bought the driver that TIGER WOODS HATED”

  1. Can this comment get 993 likes?

  2. I had this driver and it shot blue sparks when you hit sometimes. Didn't have to be a bad hit. Idk why or how but it did

  3. Ajmcini says:

    Gotta use a Balatta

  4. damonK says:

    💀💀💀💀💀💀💀I had one of these I got from an uncle and trashed it thought it was junk because he told me it was

  5. clipzy says:

    Id take it (i just broke my driver)

  6. hagakure6410 says:

    I'm actually finally replacing this driver today. Granted, I quit playing for quite a few years, and sold everything several years back except for this driver and my Odyssey 2-ball putter. But I clearly remember searching for a very specific version of this driver after I hit it really well as a rental at a course in Italy. 11 degrees, R flex, mid kick. I'm a 180 carry guy my whole life and for some reason when I rented this club back in around 2003, I was smashing it 280 total yards. On this little Italian course at Carney Park, I was driving the greens. So I searched online for months and finally got the same setup and of course started hitting 180 again. XD Sons just suddenly picked up the game so I dragged this back out for a few rounds before deciding to get a full modern set, which was supposed to arrive yesterday but still isn't here. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It is a really great looking club, though, just not very forgiving by today's standards.

  7. I actually miss the smaller heads…

  8. John H says:

    I own the 9 degree 300cc model with a Graphaloy blue xstiff and I hit it to this day around 300 on average. bought it in 2002 when I was 15. Still love it…don't think I could bring myself to buy another club.

  9. Omar G says:

    crazy to see these going for $8 USD on 2nd swing now

  10. thats why hes so good… he has a freaking golf sim at home! lol. I would never leave the house.

  11. I have the 3 wood and 5 wood of this

  12. James Fraley says:

    It's coming out flat because it's 8 degrees and doesn't have near the same face size as a modern driver with the same loft – jeez Rick!

  13. MacAttack says:

    I still hit mine. My high school coach was sponsored by them and got great deals on equipment. When he bought something and didn’t like it, he would just sell it to one of us on his team for what he got it at. I played regularly through HS and sporadically in the military. Now I’m getting back into the game regularly and still hit it decent. I won’t lie though, I’m likely to “upgrade” soon.

  14. Dayton Evans says:

    Tiger great obv but he was always making excuses

  15. I have one of those 🙂
    But it's very inconsistent 😔
    My Cleveland hibore is a much better Driver ✝️🇺🇸😃

  16. Sole Mander says:

    The 3 wood from that set was top notch.

  17. Could show me the first and last driver of Nike different?

  18. nice video, but a way to long intro. It takes you 5 min to actually hit the ball

  19. DE10 says:

    Just hit the stupid ball already!!

  20. KingDamn says:

    You are the best man, and are synonymous with golf now for me and my friends who golf. If you’re ever in NJ, come to Tamarack and I’ll treat you to both there 18 holes. The east course has been closed for almost 2 years and is about to open back up.

    Thanks for the endless quality content 🍻

  21. Eric Ruiz says:

    My dad has one😂

  22. I was pushing for you. Super fun video!

  23. jaku uys says:

    i got that driver because of tiger. gave it to my dad, poor man is still playing with it even though hes not the best striker

  24. Joey Murphy says:

    is that a turf floor?

  25. Can you make a video in which you compare all drivers Tiger was ever playing as a pro?

  26. $19.99 currently on eBay lol

  27. I remember getting this driver when it came out in the middle of Tigermania. Thought it was great even though it didn't perform that well. I also got a set of the Nike irons that had a mix of cavity backs and blades. Not the best idea they had and I got laughed out of the clubhouse when Tiger dropper his driver.

  28. Refuse to buy anything with Nike swoosh.Ive had t o refuse gifts and told them to take them back to the store.Any company that use slave labor that also spends million to destroy this country , I can't support.

  29. he hits the driver at 5:00

  30. Jeff Martin says:

    I actually miss the home simulator. Oh COVID….. we’ll miss the some of the things that came with you. But you can get out…. Get out, now.

  31. Cody Hughes says:

    I had that driver and it was okay, but I remember it being fairly large back then. Only smaller than the Bertha

  32. Dan Rydel says:

    I have this driver in the 10.5! Play with it to this day, not easy to use haha!

  33. So I know you (or maybe Peter Finch) said that you never see pros stall before swinging and they always fidget and move, but watching all of the motion before the first Nike swing just gave me anxiety

  34. So, any idea exactly when Tiger put this driver in his bag? He did win 5 times, including the Masters and the U.S. Open and finished 2nd in the PGA Championship in 2002. He won the Vardon Trophy with with a scoring average of 68.561. Now, maybe he didn’t put that driver in his bag until later in the year. But 2003 was actually pretty similar. He actually played pretty poorly for him in the majors, but he did win 5 times again and once again, he was first in scoring average, but his scoring average was just a smidge lower than it was in 2002.

  35. My buddy had one, and I hit it a bunch, but I had the burner bubble titanium that ugly orange one😏 the Taylor Made was definitely better.

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