Reacting To My $20K Winning Fantasy Football Draft (Strategy)

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37 Replies to “Reacting To My $20K Winning Fantasy Football Draft (Strategy)”

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  3. Bubblehulk says:

    Wowwwww! Looking back, your first 3 picks are all first rounders this season…Jesus. I mean, Mason is Jesus! Great draft.

  4. Awesome 🎉 20k fell into your lap!! Luck and skill but congrats!

  5. Johnny Vang says:

    Fantasy is a game of some knowledge and a lot of luck. Every year you have different players hit and miss. thats whats great about this game.

  6. u hit on every WR and almost all the RBs

  7. Lee Ransom says:

    So the play is to grab QB/TE late? The QB values were missed, but look at Fields and DJones. Even not grabbing them you were able to win.

  8. Sibley says:

    Goes to show, if you take every pick for the upside you only need 4 or 5 of 16+ to hit to win big

  9. Jason Tuma says:

    $500 , 12 teams, how did it payout $20K?

  10. Brooks Dior says:

    Amon ra was your pick of the draft here for sure. Shows you it benefits to take RB early cz there’s always guys lingering mid round like this that have crazy seasons

  11. Kevin Blue says:

    “AJ brown would be going where Davante Adams is” and now he is going exactly where he is Mason is the Fantasy Football prophet

  12. It’s crazy watching this knowing just how many of these picks busted

  13. TheRealAT says:

    This video really shows how much redraft is a crapshoot. You win tons of money but we have one shot and when in leagues where you win I don’t think I would’ve won my league with that bs.

  14. TheRealAT says:

    It’s funny seeing how you settle for league winners

  15. “Obviously I’m not complaining but how did we win with these guys?” 😂

  16. super confused…. do you recap every draft in case they win? you did over 700 drafts last year lol

  17. Josh Hill says:

    McKinnon was 🎉🎉🎉

  18. Camp Scudder says:

    Mason my BBM3 team that made the finals and got 56th I also had AJ brown and Devonta Smith without Jalen Hurts. I had Mahomes and that benefited both of us when they went off with Minshew when Hurts was out

  19. Gabe Walker says:

    Team 8 sold so unbelievably hard😭

  20. John Amico says:

    Been here since 5k subs, Flock is the man

  21. Troy Johnson says:

    What is the final scoring for all your players? Is that still available?

  22. Adam L says:

    You drafted over 700 teams and won a hundred an fiddy thousand…. Just curious what’s that buy in bank roll look like?

  23. Jamie Craig says:

    We need a 2024 Mason reacting to 2023 Mason reacting to 2022 Mason reaction video

  24. CZA says:

    Having no TEs and 3 bad QBs and still winning gives me hope this year 🙏 great content man

  25. Smitty says:

    Hey mason idk if you have an exclusive deal with underdog, but it would be awesome to see you do an espn and yahoo draft since the adps are so different!

  26. Tyler Dean says:

    Crazy how weak the QBs and TEs are there, obviously didn’t matter with those WRs and RBs but wow

  27. Nyyankeesrd says:

    These draft recap videos and especially these older recap videos are awesome mason! Please we need more 🙏🏻

  28. KrazieKeyEl says:

    I loved this. Very helpful to see the picks and the thought process into making the picks

  29. Aaron Siddiq says:

    hey i was wondering i got the 5th pick and i’m torn between tyreek hill and bijan robinson as my 5th pick this year (if cmc ekeler chase jefferson are all gone) pls help!

  30. Timmy1Tap says:

    Isn't it amazing how much things change in 1yr?😂 That's why viewers need to chill when yall have seemingly odd or so-called "hot takes". It's often calling a shot or 2, against the grain, that make all the difference.

  31. Alex Lucas says:

    I like this video not only the analysis but it shows that your draft doesn’t have to be perfect, just gotta hit on the big bets

  32. What a video! Love this! Just go for the home runs!

  33. Scorp says:

    My favourite strategy this year is avoid some of the elite level QBs and TEs in rounds 1/2/3 this year, and this just gave me a bit of confidence

  34. i really enjoyed the old videos. hindsight

  35. I’m new to underdog but in the best ball mania format once the season starts trades are unavailable am I correct???

  36. doob says:

    They need to make an underdog tournament where youre only allowed to make 1 single entry.

  37. MeannMugginn says:

    This is a Rashaad Penny video

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