I Challenged This D1 Commit To Live ABs!

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40 Replies to “I Challenged This D1 Commit To Live ABs!”

  1. But seriously I love your shit your hilarious and you hit tanks all day

  2. That’s more of a single for you

  3. When that helmet came off it took some more of his hairline with it

  4. doysher says:

    No way why didn’t I patent ball deodorant

  5. I live near ball state it’s a great campus

  6. Kids draft stock 📉

  7. Grand Rizard says:

    Alright Eric. It's day 1 of me asking y'all to play a game of beteyah. It's stickball but with bottle like caps that have more movement than a wiffle ball. Dominicans created it and it's incredible

  8. D - says:


  9. Wyatt L. says:

    You should face a real submarine pitcher

  10. Bush Whacker says:

    Eric, u should try to hit Greg Maddux it would be a good video

  11. Avryjr13 says:

    It would be so cool to go to Arizona and pitch to Eric

  12. Shane Rippy says:

    Eric couldn’t hit off me

  13. Bro looks like John Krasinski

  14. Need more of Sophia

  15. The Next says:

    Eric keeping baseball fun, I just keep coming back. When he's like 57 I'll still be watching "@#$% THEM KIDS" lol.

  16. 2crakD_69 says:

    w for playing in my home state too

  17. Adam lohman says:

    Why this video just end…?

  18. Ultra says:

    Eric come coach my group of jabronis the weekend of September 23rd in AZ

  19. “I’m not in high school bitch, I’m 34”😂😂

  20. Joel Collins says:

    I did not realize GCU had the funding or amount of programs to be D1.

    Editing was 🔥!

  21. Eric you guys should do smth, you both stand on seperate sides of the plate n try hit 110

  22. Gender affirming care!! Eric, you're the best!! Thank you manscaped for helping men feel their best. Oh and Bosley!

  23. Colin Eades says:

    Eric you need to stop talking crap in your videos and cursing as well . Makes you look bad .

  24. Bryce Dolbow says:

    You should face jhoan Duran

  25. Bryce Dolbow says:

    If I got paid a penny every time Eric got folded I would be a millionaire
    And every time he does I'm dying

  26. You do you have edp 😂😂😂😂

  27. brock Lee says:

    My son played with Connor back in the youth leagues in simi valley ca. Great kid, great family.

  28. Silentwav says:

    Editing was off the charts on this one 😂

  29. You are not Him… I'd watch out saying that.. I'm saying this with love my guy…

  30. josh bridges says:

    Am I the only one who thinks a fold should equal 1 point ?

  31. Harry Bush 90s is the way to go❤

  32. I had no idea Eric was that fucking bald! Holy shit it looks terrible

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