Honoured to share a private tour of the world’s greatest Porsche collection at the museum in Stuttgart!

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  1. kailiebejung says:

    Das ist Endstufe!!!

  2. amy jeffs says:

    we went to the mercedes,porshe and bmw museums in germany.They are all fantastic.

  3. Doug Slmon says:

    And remember Porsche there is no substitute, but Porsche and that is true

  4. Doug Slmon says:

    😊❤ I love that museum where is that? I would love to go there to see all the lovely looking Porsches and I’ll bring my Porsche shirt and Portia belt buckle. Can you show me around the whole museum? I like that a lot

  5. A says:

    911 gt2 and 911 gt1 those are LEGENDS AMONG LEGENDS!!!

  6. E FA says:

    Wer ist nur wegen Benjamin hier !? Porsche hin oder her, wir lieben ihn a bissle mehr 😉

  7. Wow!!! Thank you for making this video! Great informative commentary and cinematography! I would love to one day visit this museum. Coincidently yesterday we hosted our cars & coffee Porsche themed day in Sherwood Oregon USA where about 300 Porsches attended. It was a fantastic day and now I have a load of video footage to eventually edit and post on my YouTube channel. Keep making your fantastic content and keep having fun in the twisties! Cheers! 👍

  8. Porsche – – the greatest sports car in history. Period.

  9. F A says:

    an introduction will be appreciated

  10. Ramsi Kühn says:

    Benjamin ❣️👌🏼
    Cool ❕😊

  11. Why isn’t it 6 days long man

  12. Nate says:

    3:15 this is the car Hoonigan designed the Hoonipig after. Rip Ken Block!

  13. manofweed1 says:

    Most people don't realise what a vast range of models Porsche have actually made, and the R&D they've put into the automotive industry over the years. There's much more to them than hairdressers Boxsters !

  14. Your jacket is brilliant mate!

  15. Beautifully done James!! I, like many others, would've watched this for HOURS…thanks for taking us along.

  16. ahmed munir says:

    This is heaven
    My goal in life is to visit this place in my future rubi red gt3 trouring

  17. Finnik66 says:

    Good to see that Benjamin is still with Museum. Big professional, great personality and to the bone Porsche man. Keep going Benji 👊

  18. The incline is representative of a parking garage… parking your vehicles on the slight incline.

  19. Jay says:

    Yep I need to get in that building.

  20. There is Porsche and then there is everything else. Great video!

  21. Sal P says:

    The Porsche guy is Sam STG's Doppelganger! Hello, one and all Welcome to Porsche! 😅

  22. Mark Greene says:

    My beating heart!

  23. mr.Ben betor says:

    really special video

  24. So lucky you got to shoot without people in your shot!! What a tour!

  25. o0MadHouse0o says:

    This video isnt long enough. You could have least made it an hour long.

  26. I love the cars. The gushing gets old, tho.

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