Is Aaron Rodgers Still a Tier 1 Quarterback? | THE ODD COUPLE

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46 Replies to “Is Aaron Rodgers Still a Tier 1 Quarterback? | THE ODD COUPLE”

  1. I'm sorry but Josh Allen is not a Tier one QB, I would put Lamar in his place.

  2. N0 0utz says:

    The QB ranking system is so overrated at this point.

    Mahomes is in a tier above as he proved last year winning the MVP without a legit #1 WR (You can mention Kelce as a TE but he and Gronk are the only two guys who you can say played that position as the main weapons on title teams).

    As far as groupings nobody has separated from the pack behind Patrick. Joe,Jalen,Allen,Lawerence,Lamar,Wilson,Herbert,Dak,and Cousins are all in the same category which is very good QB's who under certain circumstances can win alot of football games.

    Rodgers is the current vet of the league with Brady gone and he is beyond these pointless rankings as a 4x MVP and SB champion lol.

  3. salla diallo says:

    2-Burrow (my favorite)
    3- Rodgers
    5- D Watson
    6- Allen
    7- Hurts
    8-Lamar Jackson
    9- Goff
    10 – Lawrence

  4. How anybody in their right mind put Joe burrows on the list he let Patrick mahomes beat him with one leg does got to get some nuts

  5. King Rambo says:

    Rodgers won 2 of the last 3 MVPs, he played a season with a broken thumb & rookie WRs & ppl think he just fell off this imagery cliff lmao

  6. Rob and Chris act like Sissy's when anything negative comes up about Rodgers and mahomes they're biggest blow ups have been because of Rodgers and mahomes like damn stop attaching yourself to QBs who don't even know yall

  7. WS says:

    But Aaron will not accept accountability during the season for his bad plays

  8. 1. Patrick Mahomes
    2. Joe burrow
    3. Jalen Hurts
    4. Josh Allen
    5. Lamar Jackson
    6. Aaron rogers
    7. Trevor lawrence
    8. Justin herbert
    9. Dak prescott
    10. Tua tungavola

  9. Slime says:

    So lamar has a mvp and playoff win and not tier 1 but Herbert has neither and is tier 1 always comes down to race and who u like more in the nfl😂🤦‍♂️

  10. Fullmetal says:

    Herbert is average Rodgers was terrible

  11. I give the video a LIKE before I even watch it

  12. Tbt Aaron at this point, Aaron may barely be in the top 10, sometimes the media having hard time admitting when a all time great is declining

  13. I think Chris just loves to har himself talk. That's why Rob always looks down or away from the camera on his phone texting his lady, cause he ain't got time to hear Chris's nonsense

  14. Can Chris please stop interrupting Rob and let him speak

  15. The Kid says:

    Clearly tier 1 still 😒 didn't know 1 bad year when he played above an average qb after 3 good ones in his own standard ment you not a tier 1 qb anymore😂😂

  16. swag lord says:

    no he's not tier 1 he is washed and will never win another super bowl

  17. Angel P says:

    I'll take him over most QB's in this league.. how is this even questionable? People are quick to forget how good he is.

  18. I like that team…i just cant stand not having an elite QB.

  19. Alexander says:

    Herbert and Burrow are so fucken over rated 😅😅

  20. Chris turning into Skip Bayless…dude won't let Rob talk

  21. Chad Binette says:

    Dak is way overrated. He led the league in interceptions last year and only played 12 games . Brady and lebron have ruined it for every athlete nearing 40 and still playing. They are the exception not the expectation.

  22. Allen, Herbert, and Blaine Gabert jr are all overrated 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  23. Damier Denim says:

    We have no problem kicking other players in other sports out our top five based on there performance the season before. It should be the same for quarterbacks

  24. Matt A says:

    Yes he is. I’d still rather have Rodgers over every QB in the NFL except Mahomes and Burrow

  25. GoJags352 says:

    It's been 23 games since he threw foe 300 yards. Also he never wins the big game why would he do it at 40 years old??

  26. No way is he still tier one he ain’t black

  27. Go from playing the bears lions and vikings to the dolphins patriots and bills oh my word could be brutal

  28. Blake Tindle says:

    He wasn’t even top ten last season.

  29. Hell no he isn't he's washed

  30. Blake Tindle says:

    Gee I wonder what position the biggest Rodgers fanboy in the world is gonna take on this topic????? 🤔
    I’m shocked he’s not arguing Aaron should be number one overall!

  31. The Justin Herbert jack off session by everyone is ridiculous. Should not be over hurts.

  32. Aaron rodgers the most overrated BUM in the history of sports, last time he won JACK was what a century ago? BUM!

  33. Aaron will have an Avg to Abv Avg season and people will say he still is a top QB

  34. Mike Thomas says:

    Rob, Chris wants his own show. Y'all gave it a run but you two are oil and water. Chris won't let you talk and dominates the segments. Just get a new partner or do your own thing.

  35. lol why do ppl act like its something specific and special in Brady that he was able to play well at that age??? people forgot he stunk in 2019 with the Pats. because he didnt have supreme talent on offense and an average defense. Tampa had an elite offense and an even more elite defense and a real good offensive coach so duh he had real good numbers and was able to play well. He has been protected very well in general for his career and barely maneuvers in the pocket. Rodgers can definitely be great post year 18 he just needs what brady had, a great complete team around him.

  36. fly guy says:

    Of course Aaron Rodgers is a top 5 QB healthy and motivated he is one of the best I hate HATE these rankings and arguments about it.

  37. The real question is how do you have Justin Herbert in tier 1 when he can’t even win a playoff game but Jalen hurts in tier 2 after going to the SB.

  38. 1.Pat Mahomes 2.Joe Burrow 3.Josh Allen 4.Aaron Rodgers 5.Jalen Hurts 6.Lamar Jackson 7.Trevor Lawernce 8.Justin Herbert 9.Dak Prescott 10.Matthew Stafford

  39. Anyone thinks otherwise just biased, stupid, or a brady ballwasher. The man just 1 season ago had 85tds and 9ints in the last 2 seasons. A 122 passer rating in 2020. Lol like dont be dumb

  40. Of course he is that's pretty obvious to see

  41. If anybody think otherwise is delusional and idiotic 😂😂 Aaron rodgers is still a bad dude

  42. I expect him to be a game manager in NY, the jets will run the ball like crazy, especially if they sign Cook

  43. GCG says:

    zzzzzzz….. wake me up when they talk about something interesting…. 😴

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