I Got New Clubs!!

Today we have episode 6 of my going every single day until shooting under par and I show everything I have in my golf bag!


33 Replies to “I Got New Clubs!!”

  1. I had no clue if I should take the sticker off or not 😂😂😂😂

  2. Please clean those clubs and put headcovers on your 1,000 dollar woods!!!!!!

  3. Drewbie says:

    ping g430s are the best woods on the market, good looks td

  4. banks7714 says:

    Stealth 2 Plus added 20 yards to my drive (was already avg 318) and the heel and toe misses still hit the fairway, far better than the ping IMO, brought my spin down to low 2000s as well

  5. jesse carter says:

    i can’t wait to see tdbarrett on tiger woods golf in the near future. keep up the awesome content bro.

  6. IsaacWright says:

    Like honestly I understand you wanting a new putter but at the end of the day you have a good putter, But good putters like the putter they have.

    And you can take the sticker off if you want

  7. My 3 wood is the paradym and 5 wood is a cobra and my driver is a call away big Bertha my hybrid right now is a ultra but going get a different hybrid next year and my 6-9 irons are ultras as well my pitching wedge is a ultra and my sand wedge and gap wedge are tour edge and putter is a odyssey

  8. I just got fitted for my new irons 2ish months ago, it was between the P790's and Cobra Forged Tecs, ended up going with the Cobras, just felt I hit them slightly better than the 790's, but still a very nice club! Also have a Ping 425 driver, imo best driver out there, besides the new 430's!

  9. Mace Sports says:

    please keep doing these insanely entertaining. Love these vids. could watch them forever.

    btw i think it would be pretty cool if once you get really good doing 9 you should try to get through 18 with a really good score. Just a suggestion keep up the fire vids tho 💪

  10. Kenny Duvall says:

    Brett can you get me P790s I need new irons for my senior season

  11. Daniel 36 says:

    I’d recommend headcovers for your driver, woods and putter. Those things are nice and you don’t want them scratched up. Also don’t putt with your glove on lol

    For 2 months, that was the best 4 iron tee shot I’ve seen someone hit

  12. Sholtzi says:

    Lol when you hit the 4-Iron longer than most people can hit their driver, I wouldn’t feel bad for using it on most holes.

  13. Maverick D says:

    TD your house is gorgeous. We need a tour!

  14. Brent Demers says:

    I’ve watched your last couple of videos and I think you should probably be playing cavity backs. You need the forgiving factor that those clubs provide. Forget ping clubs……and try to stick with one appeal company at one time bro

  15. Cooper Igla says:

    td u dont use your glove when u put

  16. SML Stunner says:

    I like the content man!

  17. Luke Fenton says:

    pause at the top of ur swing to get more power

  18. Luke Fenton says:

    also yea take the stickers off

  19. Luke Fenton says:

    i recommend u use a big bertha for driver

  20. The Scotty Cameron putters are not as good as they used to be
    Look at the Cleveland Huntingtion Beach putter, its cheap but still really good

  21. TD you’ve inspired me to start golfing 🏌🏽‍♂️🫡

  22. Eburr says:

    Phantom 5.5, can't go wrong

  23. Clutch Berry says:

    Instead of the 52 degree u should get a 2 iron

  24. Troy Aldrich says:

    You are playing great for only taking golf seriously for 2 months. Your clubs are great, you definitely should get putter that is a little taller. Wear the glove and the under armour golf shoes. To help with the putting take out the pin when you are inside of 15ft.

  25. day 1 of asking brett to play elden ring

  26. Take the flag out when you’re putting it’ll help with those puts that go in n out

  27. Definitely gotta take off the stickers

  28. Bag is fire 🔥🔥

  29. you don’t have to wear the glove when you’re putting. pretty much all tour guys and everybody takes it off. helps with feel but the great jack nicklaus putted with it on. good work today!!!

  30. Nike Elites is crazy, brings me back to 2012

  31. Jim Horton says:

    Man I'd also recommend getting that pin out of the way when you're putting. For me it's a more comfortable feeling while finding the line. Gotta slow down just a touch, take a breath before finishing up those 2 and 3 footers. Get it!

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