Naruto: The Whorl within the Spiral ONE-SHOT Reaction Stream

Reading through the Naruto One-Shot for Minato, the Whol Within the Spiral!

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30 Replies to “Naruto: The Whorl within the Spiral ONE-SHOT Reaction Stream”

  1. that dude says:

    The one piss tards in the chat dont even remember the naruto story yet talking about reckons worry about gomu gomu turning into a different fruit tards

  2. Where can I find this one shot online?

  3. Just to show how dumb chat is, at 25:21 someone says Kushina and Kurama never interacted before as proof this was a retcon. There’s literally pages in the Naruto manga of Kurama having flashbacks to previous convos with Kushina lmao

    People really need to reread the series before opening their mouths

  4. Minato isn't even from a strong clan, doesn't have any strong eyes or hereditary features, he is just a normal guy but he is the best genius of this manga. When a random guy plays in the same uchiha and senju tier and becomes Hokage, Minato is really amazing ! That's why he is the best character of Naruto

  5. ChiliEilish says:

    No matter how important Toby is hashirama is more important. No matter how many problems you fix in the village if there is no Village you have nothing

  6. Minato is on caliber of Hashirama, and Kurama said he didn't see a shinobi like Minato since the 1st Hokage, that means Minato is the strongest after Hashirama. So Minato > Kin/Gin and Tobirama too obsiously

  7. Rey Gould says:

    that samurai 8 flex was much needed lmao u so funny g

  8. Sirmel11 says:

    The village always had a barrier I think?

  9. Janbro Hal says:

    There aren't retcons just new info and lore

  10. Chat is being insufferable this time. Treating this whole damn one-shot as something that shouldn't exist simply because Kishimoto introduced new information about Narutoverse.
    Also, spamming 'retcon' only makes you look like a smartass.

  11. Mikail says:

    Why does it feel like dude is trying to look for things to complain about or poke holes in

  12. Lord Warryl says:

    Meto was legally married to Hashirama but has Tobirama filling he up- I mean filling her heart with love.

  13. cloakzies says:

    Lol you can tell the moments when it shows some people only watched naruto once when they were 10. If you paid half as close attention with other series as you do one piece you would understand the story well enough to know shit itsnt a retcon😂

  14. Swagkage did a good followup power scaling vid following this. I think if you just look at things overall it definitely isn't farfetched to believe Minato was this strong.. I didn't even realize that Minato and Naruto basically fought Kurama around the same age 😅..

  15. Jiraiya in this chapter literally said that Minato just completed the first stage of creating a new jutsu, reading is fundamental.

  16. Black Crow says:

    Seeing this reminds me the debate stream j-room.

  17. Keep up the great work and videos KOL

  18. Tony Diamond says:

    K.O.L and a Naruto chapter? Been a long time since I've seen one of these. I still remember the review days

  19. Jooyi Chen says:

    Minato saw the Bijuu bombs and decides to Oppenheimmer that shh*

  20. What Minato does against Kurama is impressive especially since unlike Naruto's inner Kurama battle, Minato faced against FULL POWERED Kurama (no ying yang split here), managing to push it back, seal it, and while pierced through at the same time. As a teenager. Reminder this is long before his prime and with an incomplete Rasengan.

  21. Virgil says:

    For a chapter about Minato, we sure got a lot of Kushina and Uzamaki lore. The chapter wasn't bad by an stretch, but in my mind. A chapter about a charcter would delve in thier history, family, thoughts and ideas. Especially for a shonen, you would think a cool fight.

  22. joel cotto says:

    Tobirama invented the flying raijin, he invented the reanimation jutsu and he invented the multiple shadow clone jutsu, the dude is by far the top ninja in skills alone

  23. Does anyone know where I can read the minato one shot chapter? Can't find it anywhere.

  24. Tobirama is my favorite character so im glad to hear kol gives him the respect he deserves. Tobirama >>>> MInato, easy.

  25. Ciara&Alex says:

    You can really tell how much of kol fanbase is onepiece man. Him and the entire chat trynna tear apart a damn one shot and yell retcon every 5 seconds was annoying

  26. Batatex says:

    If you removed the word "retcon" from existence, that chat wouldn't have had a single comment.

  27. Boruuuto is garbage 🗑️

  28. Can't wait for some 'Boruto hating' comments 😂

    where them at

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